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A web developer whose writing process occasionally looks like Pinkie's infamous Party Of One thanks to characters deciding to derail his fics when they feel they make more sense that way.

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Silly and ambitious? Thats my kinda story sign me up as interested.

It's gonna be on this site, but it's silly and ambitious I want to actually get it done before I end up with Yet Another fic that's just sitting there with one or two chapters.

While i am both happy and saddened at that news its good to hear its at least in the works. Is this other "Big Project" going to be another story on the site or something else entirely might i ask?

Well, good news is that I'm currently writing more than during the past x years. Bad news is that at the moment at least, it's for another Big Project. We'll see how long I can hold out there before I need that Weird Ship fix myself. Chapter's actually started, but requires a bit more poking. Thanks for nudging me about it, though, it's always nice to see people being interested in my more out-of-left-field ideas!

Soooo...what are the odds "Betraying Tempest" gets an update? Dont get me wrong, i dig your take on Twilight and Rarity and the chemistry you give um...But im really looking for that weird ship fix.

  • Viewing 4 - 8 of 8
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