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D&D in a nutshell: Mythic #6 Stats · 9:29pm November 3rd

So, before Mythic Effects, I'm going to go into a new spell that comes with Polaris. It's a homebrewed spell so, that's why I'm not just providing a link. It doesn't say what classes it's for, but considering that Archmages have a thing that's all ABOUT being able to copy spells, I would imagine they'd be able to if they successfully identified it.

Polar Ray

8th level Evocation

Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: 500 ft
Components: V, S, M (the eye of a frost worm)

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Happy to help. I enjoyed the first one, I'm DEFINITELY keeping an eye on the sequel.

Also thanks for the favourite on Cards Against the Princesses!

Thanks for the follow!

Thanks for the fav. If you can leave a tip for writing. Every bit of feedback is helpful.

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