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"Never let your fear of being criticized stop you from expressing yourself through art." ~Fluttershy.

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Reader. Amateur Writer. Artist. Minature Wargame Hobbyist. Super Sentai Fan.

Those words summon me up in a nutshell.
I love almost everything Sci-Fi, Ponies ( duh ) Superheroes, and Steampunk.

I'm slightly cautious when meeting new people ( I've been burned in the past by those I considdered friends. ) but I'm always open for a talk. I can be extremely blunt at times, but I don't really mean any offence. I just hate sugercoating and dancing around the issue. I tell it straight, and I expect the same from others.

Lastly, I absolutely despise any and all forms of censorship with the fiery rage of a million suns.


Best gift. · 1:04am Yesterday

So dad went to the hospital today to get the results of his last tests.

Long story short, the doctors have declared him to be oficially cancer free.

Couldn't ask for a better christmas gift.

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Aprion, I would like to offer my condolence on your father's health.
I do wish you and your family my best regards and know that I understand.
Don't give up. May fortune find you and your family.

Oh god, that story. Heh, I heard Buffy and Warhammer 40k, and thought of that story instantly. Only other crossover I can think of is the MMO crossover "The Open Gate", a mass of snippets that is a sequel to "Thousand Shinji".

It was somewhat entertaining, and I think I finished what was written.

2404776 Well I used to write on fanfiction.net. But I only have one abandoned story up there right now which is a Buffy 40K crossover. So there really isn't much to see.

You write non-pony stories? Where?

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