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"Never let your fear of being criticized stop you from expressing yourself through art." ~Fluttershy.

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About me.

Reader. Amateur Writer. Artist. Minature Wargame Hobbyist. Super Sentai Fan.

Those words summon me up in a nutshell.
I love almost everything Sci-Fi, Ponies ( duh ) Superheroes, and Steampunk.

I'm slightly cautious when meeting new people ( I've been burned in the past by those I considdered friends. ) but I'm always open for a talk. I can be extremely blunt at times, but I don't really mean any offence. I just hate sugercoating and dancing around the issue. I tell it straight, and I expect the same from others.

I am not a native english speaker. Everything I know of the english language is 100% self taught. This is the main reason for any grammatical errors in my writing. I try my hardest to catch what I can, but I'm not perfect.

Lastly, I absolutely despise any and all forms of censorship with the fiery rage of a million suns.


my thoughts on The Maud Couple · 8:29pm March 31st

I'm going to be very blunt and crass, so be warned.

Today's episode is officially number ONE on my WORST episodes of MLP list. There, I said it.
I had some really high hopes considering who the writer for this episode was, but he didn't just drop the ball, he freaking nuked the sucker.

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You should add that link in the description to the quote, it would make things easier, I had trouble looking for that one too...

Bandit scum, your actions bring shame to the name of Kerensky. ( :raritywink: )

( what's your prefered Mech? )

Then we shall have to oppose you, wayward brethren. Wolf-in-Exile will prevail.

Crusader. Victory over the freeborn scum, and glory to the clans!

Be you Crusader or Warden?

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