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"Never let your fear of being criticized stop you from expressing yourself through art." ~Fluttershy.


What is but a small thing to one, is the greatest of gifts to another.

Spike decides to give somepony a very special gift indeed.

A Random little oneshot I hope you will enjoy.

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It was.... a really nice thing of Spike to do that for her but I feel absolutely horrible for him, for the love of Celestia can we please have a chapter where he finds out he can still fly I beg of you

... that moment when AJ just bucked you in the Feels...

:twilightblush: That's mighty noble of you
:moustache: No big deal, What goes around comes around
:fluttercry: It's Discord I think he's up to something
:rainbowlaugh: Go Scoots Go!
:raritystarry:Twilight I must speak to Spikey
:flutterrage: DISCORD! YOU DID WHAT?!
:facehoof: He didn't
:pinkiegasp: He did!
:moustache: I'm invited to Raritys wedding
:duck: There wouldn't be one without you dear Spikey
:ajbemused: I'm bringin Grannys scatter gun ya two are a getting hitched
:raritywink: I carry Spikeys foal
:twilightangry2: Discord...

8096205 I imagine him becoming more serpentine as he gets older, and discovers he can "swim" through the air, kinda like Manda in Final Wars swims...

I read this to my class.

"I liked it because you learned a lesson."

"We loved it!"

"I liked it because it was cool."

"It was Funny!" (Discord parts)

They very much enjoyed it!

That was adorable.

Normally I don't ask for sequels. But I would love to see one here where Rarity finds out what Spike did. After Discord's comment about the element of generosity, I can't help wondering.

Terrific story by the way. Absolutely terrific.

Spike, you're a good drake. You'll grow up to be a fine dragon one day. And even if you outlive Twilight, you'll be a great source of wisdom and emotional strength for those in need. This shit right here is why I love the fandom. They can do stuff with Spike that the show just can't tackle, and they show that he is a truly worthy of being called a noble dragon.

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