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"Never let your fear of being criticized stop you from expressing yourself through art." ~Fluttershy.


When a mysterious comet changes the already rather abraisive dragons of Equestria into seemingly mindless titanic beasts of destruction, the inhabitants of Equestria are forced to flee for their very lives. Driven to the frozen north the survivors dig in and prepare to make their last stand in the Crystal Empire. Fortunately they have a new weapon that can hopefully match the dragons power. The giant mecha know as Sleipnir.

( now with cover art drawn by myself :yay: )

( Dark tag is for possible character death and ample amounts of gore. If you gonna fight monsters its gonna get messy no? :rainbowwild: )

( This story is not exactly a crossover. Its more of an amalgamation of sorts between MLP and ideas inspired by Pacific Rim, with a heavy sprinkle of mecha anime thrown into the mix, because my muse is a mecha junkie. Tags and rating may change depending on future chapters. )

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 22 )

Hell have a up vote.

6410820 I should have chapter one up around sunday. barring any problems that might arise ofcourse :pinkiegasp:

Is #3 going to be a flyer? If so Razor Wings would be good. Love the fic by the way.

Short or not. Good chapter to a great story.

6544777 Thanks :twilightsmile: its nice to get a little feedback. Makes me know if im doing alright with this or not. :pinkiesmile:

It needs a scale. I get more or less how big they are but some readers may not. There should be some art work out there.

6552910 its kind of hard since we don't know the actual size of a lot of things on the show, so its all guesswork. The best comparison I could give without drawing a picture would be this. Remember the red dragon from season 1 episode 7 Dragonshy? The sleipnir are roughly twice the size of that red dragon. The dragons themselves have mutated to be about twice its size or more depending on the extend of the mutation.

The third should be Hurricane with wether based weapons,

6817657 ohh i like that suggestion a lot :pinkiehappy:

6907538 people dont really seem to care for it so it on hiatus while i put my efforts into my other stuff.

6909353 I know heck I like this one more then ever=heart.

6909389 ill continue this one at some point :pinkiesmile: maybe when I feel burned out on the other one :twilightsmile:

So was spike mutated as well or has he somehow been spared

6922958 I can't tell you that yet. that would be spoilers :trollestia:

6922965 curse you now I'm even more curious

6922985 well I guess there's nothing to do but just to follow the story now and read for the outcome

Great chapter!! Looks good I saw no errors. keep up the good work.

multitude of reasons. Mainly a lack of reader interest, plus the fact that I have 3 other stories that I'm working on as well. Something had to be axed, and this was it. Maybe I'll redo it someday, but for now I have my hands full.

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