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Just an artist here, but sometimes I write about pony plots.


New Story is Done! It Just Needs Final Edits and Cover Art... · 2:29am Nov 13th, 2018

Hello again! It's me! Your friendly lewd dealer, Pusspuss! Just going to let you guys know that my new incest story with Rainbow Dash and her father is now done. Sitting at 14k words... It's mostly all clop too... I just hope you guys will like it... I'm really rusty when it comes to writing and I found myself falling back on old habits... Luckily I had people like Duelist96 and

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not ded, just busy with life

Hey PussPuss are you and the other guy still working on Chris's Batty Family or is it finaly dead??

Hey Puss just wondering if u are still active? Haven't heard from u in forever! :fluttershysad: :heart:

All took care up the his channel will be destroyed.

Dude! That was a great story!!!(Lyra's confession )(the story not his reading)

Never mind I found them. Wow... They are reading all the big ones.... oh god... he read Lyra's confession the worst one!

Its 258 is doing really readings of you're stories on youtube

Hey puss how’s it going? Haven’t heard from u in a while! :twilightsmile:

Ain't heard from you in a while. What're you up to these days? :moustache:

Hey hey!
How's my first fim-friend doing these days?

OMFG! That's too fucking cute! :heart:

found the perfect companion for Scary the spider.


its Spidershy :heart:

Ohhhh, it's that story.

Yes, please update. :V

I'm around... just haven't had time to do any writing like I would like.

haven't heard a peep from you in ages puss. everything alright?

Do you have "show mature content" switched of?
Its under "settings"

um... did your stories get taken down or something? I cant see them...

...still waiting on lightning's bet, and Chris' Batty Family is starting to collect cobwebs...

could you please update them? I'm starting to lose hope :fluttercry:

Ever gonna do more of Lightning's bet?

  • Viewing 941 - 960 of 960
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