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Just an artist here, but sometimes I write about pony plots.


Lightning's Bet Update · 5:38pm January 15th

H-hey guys... long time no see... I ehh... hope everything has been good for you for the past... y-year... *sigh*

Okay look... I know it's been a long time, but I'm currently working on the next chapter for Lightnings bet. I'm already 2k words into it, but this is going to be a long chapter with a lot of... well... "bonding" lets say.

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Ain't heard from you in a while. What're you up to these days? :moustache:

Hey hey!
How's my first fim-friend doing these days?

OMFG! That's too fucking cute! :heart:

found the perfect companion for Scary the spider.


its Spidershy :heart:

Ohhhh, it's that story.

Yes, please update. :V

I'm around... just haven't had time to do any writing like I would like.

haven't heard a peep from you in ages puss. everything alright?

Do you have "show mature content" switched of?
Its under "settings"

um... did your stories get taken down or something? I cant see them...

...still waiting on lightning's bet, and Chris' Batty Family is starting to collect cobwebs...

could you please update them? I'm starting to lose hope :fluttercry:

Ever gonna do more of Lightning's bet?

When will we get to see the next chapter of Chris's Batty Family?

LOL I do enjoy a mare named Octavia too her and Dj Pon3 is two of my favorites

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like my art!

Wish you would love my stories too... :fluttershysad:

Jk. :yay:

love your art great work

I'll give it a read when I can!

Thanks! I've just posted the first chapter, I hope you approve.

As of right now there is not. I'm sorry. :raritydespair:

Hi, Pusspuss! I read both of your stories "Chase me" and "Command me" and I was wondering if you were planning on making a 3rd story or if its already in the works. If its a big surprise and you don't wanna say so then just don't tell me. I wanna stay surprised when it actually comes! I'll bake a cake to celebrate!! :pinkiehappy:

Oh...:ajsleepy: Thanks anyway:pinkiesad2:

  • Viewing 938 - 957 of 957
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