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Just an artist here, but sometimes I write about pony plots.


Chris's Batty Family Update! · 7:23am May 24th, 2019

For those that care, Max and I updated our collaboration project. You can check the new chapter out here.


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I've gotta know how Chris's batty family ends up, like the oldest sister gonna be an Amazon or giant of a mare by thestrial standards, is his mom gonna be aware or involved ??? Da fuq I gotta Kno. Or is all lost.....

I miss his story's

I see you're still rockin' that AJ pfp after all these years. You doing good?

Hi haven't heard from you In a while hope everything thing is going well i have a question:
Will there be more stories involving Lilly and Henry?
I really enjoy those two!.

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Thank u very much!! I appreciate u answering back so fast! Glad he’s ok.

Oh, he’s still hanging around. If you logged onto Fimfiction with a pc, you can see that he was last on the site yesterday. As for Derpibooru; his most recent string of explicit drawings were uploaded 9 days ago.

Have u seen anything of him lately? He’s definitely been offline for a long time!

He’s still making art on derpiboru. He’s an artist first and an author second. It’s just a shame he’s a good author.

Hey Puss! It’s been a while since you’ve been on? How’s it going, you ok? :heart::fluttershysad:

This is weird. I heard your stories thru clop fic readings on youtube. Followed you on tumblr. Followed you to twitter. Found lyra confession and just realised that you have a fimfiction account. Nice art btw. Making all of us very MOIST. Do not look up pusspuss on twitter if ur mouth 18 our older

I hope to hear back from chris's story some time and then get a one off story of scary and his extended family.

Oh wait....

not ded, just busy with life

Hey PussPuss are you and the other guy still working on Chris's Batty Family or is it finaly dead??

Hey Puss just wondering if u are still active? Haven't heard from u in forever! :fluttershysad: :heart:

All took care up the his channel will be destroyed.

Dude! That was a great story!!!(Lyra's confession )(the story not his reading)

Never mind I found them. Wow... They are reading all the big ones.... oh god... he read Lyra's confession the worst one!

  • Viewing 954 - 973 of 973
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