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There's a bad moon on the rise... · 3:26am Dec 29th, 2021

... and it's going on day 4 in the box of shame.

Today at work I was being productive and busy, working on a Robinson 44, when a pilot just randomly walked into the hangar, and gave me some beer and whiskey shooters because "they had been on the plane for a bit too long" and left.

I'm at my dad's, just loaded up the wood burner because the furnace is still fucked.

Lets do this.


So, before we get into the actual story, lets talk a little about how it came to be.

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My General Mental State of Being

When people consider me a good writer:

You can't handle the truth...

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Thanks, and sorry. :heart:
Just had one of them moments.

I accept your apology as well all other statements.:pinkiesad2:
You've given me a lot to think about and consider. I've already gone ahead and unblocked you.

Look, I've handled this wrong, and I'm sorry. I'm not going at you, even though it's obvious that I did. I'm also keeping this public because I don't believe in closed doors.

Ive been here... too long. Outlived my prime, and my usefulness. First off, no, I wasn't going looking for a fight. Someone happened to just mention your blogpost and I just... found it and commented like I would anyone I know, with a shitpost. Except we don't know each other, especially you to my kind of humor, and after the fact... my comment was in poor taste. I dun fucked up, so be that as it is. But I don't take what I said back in the slightest.

There are rules here, on Fimmy Fic. Not the usual posting rules, or guidelines, or whatever crock of shit the mods want to push onto others. There are those unspoken rules, of just how this site works, and how stories, and authors, work. There are always those genera's that get popular, those specific tags that grab everyone, and those click bait cover arts that just get everyone ready to rub one out and shoot that story into the box of shame and sit there for days on end.

There are SO MANY talented writers here. Too many, in my opinion, that have their work ignored or the popularity shunted because of the going trend or trope that has viewers going after what's hot this minute. And all too many times, do I see them cast aside for the next great clop or whatever crock that's going on.

And you know what I see from those who suffer? Peace. Peace with what they've done, with what they're doing, and just simply writing and doing what they want because fuck the rules. We cannot dictate what is right or wrong most of the time, but we can also just stick to our guns and do what we do because that's our thing.

For years, I've had people share blogs, much like yours, where other's are discouraged over the outcome, and for all those years, I have kept my mouth shut.

Tonight, was apparently the final straw for me.

Yes, I don't follow you, but not because I don't like your stuff, or because I've not read your stuff. Simply because I just never hit that button. Stupid stuff like that. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

To those curious, what I said on the blog post was "All I hear is bitch, bitch, BIIIITCH". Because yeah, that's what I see. I don't see an author trying to overcome the short fallings they're getting because of the site's algorithm, or pushing on and moving forward with their next project.

I... sadly... see a person, more times than not, have that idea that if they explain themselves, make themselves feel better over why they removed a story, or an idea, because they can make it better and more popular... more times than not just give up on it entirely.

And that hurts.

As a community, we are here for each other. Yeah, we get asshats, and yes people like myself say stupid shit, but how I grew up, you took that to heart and learned from it. Damn that person, but also yeah, they had something behind what they said.

I'm sorry, Art, that you got involved in my fall from grace, but also thank you, because you're responding to me in a way that's making me question myself. Can't argue I'm an ass, or drunk or whatever, but I've had this issue with other authors just... giving up, and how I read your post, to me that was a sign of giving up.

Yeah, you're discouraged, and yeah it sucks, and also probably yeah I'm over reading your blog post about it, but someone has to say it. We can't all have what we want, and that's why I called you dishonest, because from reading your post, it feels like you expected all kinds of attention, and didn't get it because others exist. Maybe I'm wrong, but that's how I read it. Yes, you're entitled to share what you think and want on your blog post, but you're also to expect people to share opinions that vary from yours. And my reply was a total crock, but at the same time... well, it should drive a point home.

People are assholes. But sometimes, we are people who have a thought or opinion that makes sense. I didn't poke fun at you because I think you deserved it, I did it because I think you're ABOVE it.

Anyway, take this post however you will. I have no ill towards you, none in the slightest. I just... had a moment, where I lost my cool, and made a wrong decision, and instead of just apologizing like normal and letting it go, I had to explain myself in a long ass post because I'm as fucked as the rest of everyone on this God-forsaken site.


3143600 You're right about one thing. You're drunk.
How am I being dishonest? I blogged and expressed the truth of what I was doing as well as my intentions. These are my personal experiences and opinions of the matter that are involved with my decision making. You calling it bitching or lying or whatever isn't helpful towards anyone in the slightest. You shouldn't post when drunk if all you can do is go looking for belligerent fights. I don't wish to accommodate you. You don't even follow me so that tells me that you went looking for a fight tonight.

I'm done here. Mash remains one of my favorite shows as well btw. Hmu if you ever want to put this stupid shit behind us and start being cool again.

Edit: Also I should clarify that I do understand what you're talking about with self improvement and not necessarily going by the likes/dislikes ratio and being in the feature box and having lots of comments and lots of faves. That's why I have expressed publicly that I'm going to complete it and then post it when it's done so that when it does possibly fail to get the attention that I'd naturally love for it to receive, it's not that big of a deal. I realize now that this (of course) is what I should've done in the first place. Hindsight is always better than foresight as they say.

I have a great reason.

Im incredibly drunk.

I also can't understand how people have to compare their talent to the feature box or hot stories or whatever. We are here for fun. You need to push yourself to improve and be better, but you cannot expect the popularity or praise that everyone wants. We all have ups and downs. Just because other stories are being more popular than yours doesn't mean that you have to remove it and post it at another time.

THAT is dishonest.

You write what you want, and post it when you want, but don't go into it expecting the world, and when it doesn't kneel to you, you gotta remove it and wait until a popular time to share it again.

Block me all you want. I'm at least honest about the fuck up I am.

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