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"Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice." ~ Dr. Sidney Freedman, M*A*S*H S3 Ep5

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Welcome to my little corner of Hell. Bottoms Up!


Prepare Thyselves. · 11:58pm March 30th

So if you notice, some tags have changed on The Whittler. This is because, the biggest hang-up I've had over this story, was to either stick with my original ideas, or try and change it to what I wanted it to be, which was more Slice of Life.

I realized that this has made me spiral out of control, trying to change the story, even going into the original gdocs of chapters and almost totally re-writing the story, which would require me to update each chapter, changing the whole story.

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When people consider me a good writer:

You can't handle the truth...

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Sorry to butt in. But Dufa has been spamming this same comment on every moderator's comment section.


Until this person does something to be reported about, the matter has been settled. As it stands they, and others involved, have had their warnings, and YOU trying to bring it up and start it up all over again does nobody any favors.

My obligation is to ensure rules are followed and judge actions by users accordingly with consultation of my peers. You do not tell me, nor anyone, what we are to do.

You are obligated to keep the userbase safe. Read the user reports, and remove BradyBunch.

Okay, I guess I can deal with that


I am far from the cleanest person. I'll let you know when to close your eyes and cover your ears.

  • Viewing 779 - 783 of 783
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