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"Ladies and Gentlemen, take my advice. Pull down your pants and slide on the ice." ~ Dr. Sidney Freedman, M*A*S*H S3 Ep5

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Scribbler Needs Our Help! · 1:38am April 12th

Hey everyone, your... uh... I guess your favorite drunkle Grunkle ROB here with something super important.

Scribbler Productions is facing a crisis, and needs everyone's help. It's simple enough, we need to get YouTube's attention for them to pull their head out of their ass, unplug the fucking robots and have a human being talk to her and get this shit straightened out.

Here is the full deetz video, for further context on the situation.

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When people consider me a good writer:

You can't handle the truth...

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For sure! Enjoyed it, as well as the sequel.

Thanks for adding A Midnight Stroll to your favorites

Yes I am that Dashie Guy jaysus Christ riding a pogo stick.

I'm pretty sure it is illegal to stop writing if I follow someone.

And yeah, good stuff so far! I await what else your brain loins can produce and birth into this world we call Fimmy Fic.

ROBCakeran53 is watching you

Well, time to hang up the pen - I've succeeded in my work if the man himself is following.

Glad to see I've got your attention. I'll try not to squander it, my good man 🤣

  • Viewing 752 - 756 of 756
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