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Tanku 4 tha follow! And remember: :ajsmug: :heart: :rainbowkiss:

Thanks for faving my story Fluttershy Batwings :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the favorite on What You Deserve!
Would you mind giving a little feedback? I
really want to know how people feel about the
first bit of it.

Your appreciation of my writing is most appreciated as thanks for the aforementioned appreciation.

As you are familiar with the working of the world of faves by now I know that you know that I am here to thank you.
What you don't know that you will know once I reveal it is that I am merely speaking nonsense in order to look more profound then I truly am.
So after wasting my our time I shall say; thank you for pressing the button of fave on the story I wrote that one time a few ours ago.

  • Viewing 381 - 385 of 385
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