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Looking Back: The Conversion Bureau · 6:31am Mar 6th, 2021

Until the other day, I hadn't thought about The Conversion Bureau in years. Hell, I'd barely thought about this site in years. I think that's exactly what makes now a good time to look back at it: any emotions I had about it have had a long time to cool, and so I can examine it with a critical eye and the benefit of hindsight. I'm going to avoid mentioning the names of specific works or authors, because I'd rather not anyone's comments sections get raided.

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You did an amazing job on your first fanfic! I wish mine was that good.

Have a like! Have a favourite! I hope you'll be doing a sequel soon. :raritywink:

Does that mean you write original fanfiction?

If you ever do, I shall be watching for your next story. I must say, you know how to put words together; more so than half the other writers I have seen.

Hey, I really liked your review on JawJoe's story, even though I cringed inwardly whenever I saw you point out an error. I thought that it was really well-rounded and full.

1437093 That's... a bit sad to hear.

To be honest could I interest you in some skype contact?

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