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Hey there, Thanks for favouriteing Terminal World. If you've got anything you'd like to point out about the story than just leave a review.

Thanks so so sooooo much for the follow! I'm really glad to hear that you enjoy my writing enough to take the time to stalk me:pinkiecrazy: I hope you continue to enjoy what I have in store for the future:twilightsmile:

Thanks for faving The God Empress of Ponykind :rainbowkiss::trollestia:

just happen to notice your avatar want wanted to say Xenogears is one of my all time favorite games

Thanks for the watch! I'm always happy to please. :twilightsmile:

Hey, could you do me a big favor? In the spacebattles thread, they're talking about how I messed up some facts about carbon dating. Could you please let them know I fixed it, and thank them for pointing it out? I did actually do research; the error was just a derp on my part. :derpytongue2: Thanks in advance.

  • Viewing 16 - 20 of 20
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