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We have transcended the digital!

To celebrate the final season of Friendship is Magic, our good friend and all-around awesome dude Aquaman decided last year to embark on an incredible going-away project for Bronycon 2019 -- the Bronycon Bookstore. He invited authors from across the fandom to print real, hard-copy books and offer them for sale. At the time, none of us knew if the store would be a success, or if we'd all be walking home with our bags filled with unsold books.

The result surprised us all.

My contribution to the store, Completely Safe Stories: A Collection, sold out in the first few hours of the first day. I wasn't even able to get one for myself. But now, everyone can!

That's right! Through the printing company, Lulu.com, you can have your own copy of Completely Safe Stories for the at-cost price of $10.80, plus $3.99 for shipping. I'm not making a cent off these books.

If you've always wanted a piece of the fandom to hold in your hands, I think you could do worse than this book. The few copies I saw at Bronycon were slick as hell, as quality as anything you'd see at a Barnes & Noble. The cover art came out absolutely great. And the words inside aren't too bad either.


Iron Cross, steel magnate, found nationalized in his bed. Was 58 · 10:16pm Tuesday

“You can’t just take control of an entire segment of Equestria’s economy!” Twilight Sparkle protested. “Who said you could do that?”

“Nopony said I couldn’t do it,” Starlight Glimmer countered. “Besides, I did it humanely.”

Twilight stared at her. “What… what does that even mean? How do you humanely nationalize an entire industry?”

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Happy Wednesday

I might have asked this before, but would you be willing to take a request/commission?


Hey, glad you enjoyed it :) And thank you for taking the time to say so, as well.

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