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Stories about ponies are stories about people.

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  • A Once and Future Darkness When Luna returned after a thousand years of exile, she brought something else back with her. Dreams – real dreams – are shaking the world, and Twilight Sparkle must stop them before they destroy it. by Cold in Gardez 9,555 words · 3,685 views · 436 likes · 37 dislikes
  • The Last Trumpet's Call A gryphon survives a battle in the north. His friend does not. He wonders, sometimes, who really won. by Cold in Gardez 14,587 words · 2,350 views · 362 likes · 3 dislikes
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  • Naked Singularity Twilight attempts to write a sensual romance novel. by Cold in Gardez 10,524 words · 60,193 views · 2,901 likes · 53 dislikes
  • The Contest Fluttershy returns to defend her title as Quiet Game world champion. by Cold in Gardez 6,714 words · 36,746 views · 1,803 likes · 24 dislikes
  • The Lamia There aren't many stallions in Ponyville. For most mares, this might be considered a problem. For a mare addicted to eating them, it's the perfect chance to detox. by Cold in Gardez 8,321 words · 5,267 views · 716 likes · 37 dislikes
  • National Geographic Presents: Big Princess Week Twilight Sparkle notices some odd urges, now that she's suddenly become an alicorn. by Cold in Gardez 5,406 words · 8,855 views · 1,136 likes · 41 dislikes
  • The Time of Their Lives Twilight Sparkle is arrested for the second time in her life. Rarity is attempting to put her business partner out of business. The undead have risen and walk Ponyville's streets. A normal day, in other words. by Cold in Gardez 6,988 words · 5,142 views · 840 likes · 29 dislikes

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The Adventuring Type

Air icebergs! They're a totally real thing. Terrors of the sky.

It takes a brave pony to tackle these monsters. A pony willing to risk her life for fame, glory and the admiration of foals everywhere. A pony who doesn't know the meaning of the word surrender.

Rainbow Dash might not know much about flying icebergs or airships or basic safety protocols, but that's fine. Rules are for boring ponies, and if there's one thing Rainbow Dash has never been accused of, it's being boring. So lookout, everypony! There's a new iceberg wrangler in town, and the skies are never going to be the same.


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All the art · 1:19pm June 7th

Hey team,

I’ve been managing to keep to a weekly (mostly!) posting schedule for The World is Filled with Monsters, and some readers have noticed that the cover art keeps changing. That’s by design – I have a bunch of title cards for the main characters, and there’s more on the way.

Some folks have also asked for permanent links to all of the art. All my art can be found on my DA page, but I figured it was worth a blog post as well.

But first, let’s try the nifty new embed feature:

T The World is Filled with Monsters
In the fledgling nation of Equestria, a small band of heroes must rely on their courage, strength and intuition just to stay alive, and maybe make the world a better place as well.
Cold in Gardez · 61k words  ·  227  7 · 1.2k views

Seems to work. Okay, then, the art:





Cloud Fire


Read More

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Well, look what just came in the mail!

I saw your name on the list, and wanted to personally thank you. It's a gorgeous plushie, and I hope that knowing you were part of making my day/week/month/forever puts a smile on your face even a fraction as large as the one on mine.

Stories about ponies are stories about people.

But are stories about people stories about ponies?:trixieshiftright:

Stories about ponies are stories about people.


As part of my resolution to 'relax' and not be so focused on data and records, I've abandoned the old systems so that I can just follow authors as I feel is appropriate. Buuut, since you asked... the (now defunct) rules can be found here.

The new scoring system will rank authors by 'coolness' in a similar fashion. It's no longer a prerequisite for following, but a simple (if not easy) achievement to be attained. I aim to blog about the changes before too long.

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