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TThe Archetypist
I knew there would be trouble when Discord started asking about dreams. He just wanted to make them better, he said. More interesting. In a way he was right – in a very terrible way that we must stop, before it is too late.
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Way back in 2017, I wrote a short story for the Writeoff competition. It was only 8,000 words, squeezed out in the space of just three days, a bit rough around the edges. Against some very tough competition it managed to eek out the gold medal.

Normally when Writeoff competitions are over, I polish the entry up a bit and post it on FimFiction. That's why a lot of my stories tend to fall in that 8-10k range; they're products of the competitive scene, and I think they've helped me grow as a writer.

(Seriously, if you want to improve your writing skills, I highly recommend checking out https://writeoff.me/. You will become a better writer.)

But I could never seem to bring myself to post The Archetypist. I knew the 8,000 word limit was too artificial. It wanted to be a longer, fuller story, and with the help and encouragement of the peerless GaPJaxie, I started making changes.

Now, two years and tens of thousands of words later, it's finally done. I think it's the best story I've written so far. I hope you'll enjoy it.

Publishing new chapters daily (except weekends) until complete.


Asterisk · 11:00am 12 hours ago

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Cool! Didn't realize you had another alias; no wonder I didn't see it on Derpibooru either. I also never realized you did the cover to Pagliacci, but now that I see it with your other stuff it's obvious! (I did already know Skywriter's real name, so when I saw his comments replying to someone asking if you'd showed a piece to yourself I was able to fully appreciate many of the levels of irony.)

Do you post your art anywhere else, or does it just exist as cover art?


I plan to! Will depend on a few scheduling things.

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