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Stories about ponies are stories about people.

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The World is Filled with Monsters

Vermilion didn’t join the Guard to be a hero. He just wanted to escape the farm and his old, boring life.

But now it seems he may have no choice – his unit is being sent to Hollow Shades, a tiny hamlet hidden in the depths of an endless forest, to fight monsters on behalf of Luna and Celestia. When the mission turns into a disaster and the town is lost, Vermilion finds himself at the forefront of an unexpected war, with all of Equestria at stake.

A new dark age has begun. Heroes must be found to guard the flickering lights of civilization. And Vermilion and his friends will discover that monsters are the least of their worries.

Set in the years before Nightmare Moon’s banishment, The World is Filled with Monsters follows a young hero and his friends as they struggle to protect a newfound nation – and discover the cost of greatness.

Two hundred years ago, an American president said it was not America's mission to journey abroad in search of monsters to destroy. America would offer moral support to the world's fight for liberty, but we would not crusade on its behalf.

We haven't always lived up to that ideal. The past fifteen years of my life have been consumed by the fight against what John Quincy Adams would have called monsters. They've been on my mind quite a bit lately.

So, like most things on my mind, I decided to write a story about it. With ponies because, you know, I'm me.


The Earth Pony Problem · 10:56am Monday

Continuing what GaPJaxie started here and here. But not here because we don't care about Sunset Shimmer.

“I’ve been thinking about the earth pony problem,” Starlight Glimmer said.

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Just went through your story list. You have a lot of interesting stories! Have a follow :twilightsmile: (I rarely follow people, for reference)


Thanks man :) Remember though, stories about ponies are stories about people! They only have to be silly if you want :)

I know it doesn't really have anything to do with you and it's just a happy little coincidence, but I'm really honored and pleased to share the featurebox with you. I've been a fan of your work for quite a while, I especially loved The Glassblower, and it's just really cool to me.

I'm sure no one other than me really cares at all but I just really wanted to express my joy somewhere! :twilightblush:

The Book of Might Have Beens was great too! You have a way of writing that off the top of my head I might call poetically direct. You seem to get to the point rather quickly and with minimal fuss, but kind of possess, well, I'm not quite sure how to describe it, but I'll call it an etherealness.

Maybe I'm just a really meandering writer!

But, regardless, I guess I really just wanted to say I'm a fan, and thank you for inspiring me to write silly stories about silly horses! :twilightsmile:


I heard that in the WriteOff thread as well :(

review my story

Author Interviewer

It says something truly awful about the state of this site and the quality of people I hang around that it took me three tries not to read your new story's title as The Book of Might Have Beans. :|

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