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Cold in Gardez

Stories about ponies are stories about people.


Every night, Princess Luna soars through the land of dreams, shepherding the minds of her subjects. It is lonely, thankless work, forgotten by the ponies she helps as soon as the sun rises.

Luna is not the only one who stalks in the night. Monsters, yes, predators that glide in the dark spaces between the stars. But there are other wanderers as well, spirits who step easily between the worlds. Sometimes she meets them.

And sometimes she comes back with them.

An homage to Luna and little siblings everywhere. Keep up the good fight.

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Cats did not dream, as such. They were too magical for that. Rather, when they slept they entered the dreamlands as fully as she did. Not as powerfully, of course, because they were not gods, but they had a touch of the divine in them. They’d probably stolen it from her at some point when she was young and not paying attention. They were sneaky like that.

:rainbowlaugh:You, dear author, are a poet. This was excellent. I can’t wait to see my orange ball of floofy fuzz tomorrow.

TDR #2 · Apr 5th, 2020 · · ·

Very nice.

Adorable! I love it.

So glad to see you expanded it, and posted it!

Cold in Gardez, you are one of the top 5 or so authors on this website in my opinion. When I saw the title I was actually expecting a mlp/warriors crossover. This was a sweet little story, perfect as it is, but I would certainly not complain if you wrote more about Pumpkin.

For a second there I actually thought Luna was just going to abandon the poor kitten. You toy with my poor emotions in the same way a cat toys with... basically everything, honestly.

NOOOO!!! Stupid, horrible, foul disgusting CATS! Why did it have to be about CATS?

Here's a video that sums up how I feel:

...if you couldn't tell, I'm very much kidding. I have two of my own and I love them dearly.

It's nice to read a tale that focuses on cats' mystery. Short, but profound this story.

Ah, our poor old Mr. Lucky has found a new life in Equestria.

Now I want to see a scene of Pumpkin meeting Tiberius for the first time. I can't decide whether he'd start out suspicious and jealous of the apparent competition for Luna's affections or immediately go Protective Big Brother on the little fuzzball.

It was a black cat, though all cats in dreams were black.

This is a lovely thought! Black cats are wonderful - shadows and darkness with invisible noses. Mine will no doubt make himself known shortly to act out this story and meow at me until he gets his own way.

Great little story, thanks for writing!

As a little sibling, I approve of this story.

Very nice. :)

The third feline of this story was first. Perhaps she looked out into the dream world through slitted eyes, and felt kinship to mystery on padded feet.

Man, I don't think I've seen such a wholesome story about a pet and a pony in a while or even ever before! Either that or I forgot, but my GOD this was fasntastic! Between the adorable conversation with Luna and the cat to her cradling the little kitten, this can make any heart melt! I hope ya didn't mind, but I had to make a reading on this one!

Audio Link!: https://youtu.be/uhkFTYAgEb0

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment!)


No problem at all :) I think that's the fastest anyone has ever done a recording of one of my stories; can't wait to hear it.

This was..........
I don't even know what to say.
Luna and cats. Immediate favorite.

I read a story that mentioned cats being magical but nobody knowing how, why or what they did with it but I just can't remember where.

Cats. What a tragedy that kittens turned into them.

so true so sad

He faced a tough road ahead, no doubt. Giving him up was the most loving thing his mother could have done.

i feel this it hurts to hear but in the animial world expesh its so true

I found him in a dream. Where else do cats come from?

That certainly explains a lot...

Very nice and very lovecraftian. Not in terms of eldritch horror but more his philosophy on cats and their place in our universe. Looking forward to more.

I'm a total sucker for a good first line. This one sets a powerful vibe and colors every line that comes after it. Great read. Thank you for sharing!

Finally, some good fucking food. The prose in here was delicious.

I love some wholesome, happy, quirky, and all-around magical Luna. You should write her more. (I must admit, though, that the title of the story really doesn't do it much justice.)


Titles are always a source of fascination for me, and trouble too. What would you have called it?

I don't really think of alternate titles for other people's stories because it feels like I'm taking creative liberties that are inappropriate for me to make. Normally, I just suggest an author try and come up with one that feels more representative of the story to them in order to correct oversimplicity and dissonance. (Me being the editor of a story is usually the exception.)

Right off the top of my head, I'm thinking some wordplay about pumpkins (perhaps something with a pumpkin patch) would give the story the kind of tongue-in-cheek fluffiness you have in it. Though, Pumpkin comes across as similar to the idea of a famulus especially if there was a sequel; I could see things heading in that direction. I'm sure there's some picking to be found poking around delightfully obscure words like that.

tl;dr my brain is dumb when it gets like six hours of asleep across four days and doesn't have the best title suggestions, my apologies

Cute and wholesome I like it.

Cats. They're their own reason really.

please share pictures of your cattos.

I'd love to, but I can't figure out how to convert them to a format FimFiction can use.

My apologies!


“It is the fate of the weak to be eclipsed by the strong.”

I see what you did there. A very NMM turn of phrase, isn't it.

If you have a photo saved to your computer, you can drag & drop it here and it will give you a link for the image. you can post that or use the built-in 'insert image' button.


Think I got it!

The first one is Dash, the second Dart. Dart has a hot dog bun on his back because I was planning to EAT him! Cats are sooo juicy and tender! (smack, drool) But the bun's too small...(sigh)

10173870 An eclipse is an illusion, a smaller form getting in your face and proclaiming its importance over the much larger and more powerful light. But, all eclipses are brief for the interloper can't stay between you and the light for long, and after a few moments, the reality of the situation is made clear.

Also Luna is totally Deku. #HailLordNuxanor


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