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loves tiaras.

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Skywriter is for all practical purposes Jeffrey Channing Wells, best known in Internet circles as the co-creator of the award-winning daily webcomic "Skin Horse," whose coincidentally equine name is just that. He also writes non-pony fiction, which you should totally check out over at Scrivnarium.net. He quite sensibly views winged ponies as having the best of both worlds, a point which is totally indisputable so don't even try. To sum, up, Ms. Lovingcup Harshwhinny is best pony. Thank you.

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SO MENACE / VERY ISSUES · 6:57pm November 28th

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Ha! Thanks for the story. :pinkiehappy:

Also, that's an amazingly ridiculous conclusion to draw, person in article. :pinkiesick:

Okay, well I appologize for absolutely everything about chapter 5 of https://www.fimfiction.net/story/388619/pinkie-pies-coke-dealer-gets-stiffed Except the author's note. I think you'll be flattered by the author's note.

Yeah, uh, I'm totally brilliant and absolutely intended that great symbology! :applejackconfused:

please continue finding accidental stuff that makes me look good

Do not apologize for derivative works, I love them!

OKAY, SO! (Done in the style of the beginnings of DWK videos, which you should watch)

TV tropes has the following passage, which I've spoilered for people who haven't read The First Time You See Her:

Played straight with the full version Cadance's Meaningful Name, Mi Amore Cadenza, or 'My Love Song' in Pegasopolian. Auric gave her the name from the phrase Princess Ladybird repeated when she crossed herDespair Event Horizon, "L'mi'amore distrugge tutto," or "My love destroys everything." She watched her Empire fall, her husband murdered, and her first daughter turning against her as a direct result of her pregnancy, though Ladybird blames herself for falling in love when she should have remained aloof. Exhausted and broken, she gives birth to Cadance and dies in the process, 'Mi Amore' finally destroying her.Good thing the 'Cadenza' was added.

So Cadance's mom was in a hell of a shitty sitch, right? But then, her daughter comes along, as a Cadenza to the whole thing, and whats a cadenza? This showy section you throw at the end of a musical piece. And even if the rest of the piece sucked, that cadenza can be fucking amazing! She's the Cadenza to Princess Ladybird's shitty life. MIND BLOWN!!!

Also, I apologize in advance I'm referencing Auric in one of my shitfics.

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