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loves tiaras.

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Skywriter is for all practical purposes Jeffrey Channing Wells, best known in Internet circles as the co-creator of the award-winning daily webcomic "Skin Horse," whose coincidentally equine name is just that. He also writes non-pony fiction, which you should totally check out over at Scrivnarium.net. He quite sensibly views winged ponies as having the best of both worlds, a point which is totally indisputable so don't even try. To sum, up, Ms. Lovingcup Harshwhinny is best pony. Thank you.

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Happy Cadance Day 2024! · 8:41pm February 14th

Things feel a bit subdued today, due to the coincidence of Valentine's Day and Ash Wednesday through a quirk of the liturgical calendar. It is somewhat difficult to juxtapose the splash of corporate-encouraged love with the festival that literally exists to remind us of our mortality. The pink of Valentine's washes against the purple of Lent. So I'm in a pensive mood, more so than usual on this day.

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