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loves tiaras.

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Skywriter is for all practical purposes Jeffrey Channing Wells, best known in Internet circles as the co-creator of the award-winning daily webcomic "Skin Horse," whose coincidentally equine name is just that. He also writes non-pony fiction, which you should totally check out over at Scrivnarium.net. He quite sensibly views winged ponies as having the best of both worlds, a point which is totally indisputable so don't even try. To sum, up, Ms. Lovingcup Harshwhinny is best pony. Thank you.

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New Pinkie story, new site author! · 2:41am October 8th

Heya! Long-time site reader Feech has officially become first-time ponyficcer Feech with the story Pinkie and the Mysterious Time Doughnut, and I am jazzed as heck about it! I had the honor of being the pre-reader for this one, and I can honestly say that I have never seen a fic that quite captures the feeling of being Pinkie Pie, going about

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Heh, thanks! Glad you like the comic!

Just discovered your writing here; but I've been a Skin Horse fan since the beginning, so I'm looking forward to it.

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