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Lady Grey

Writer of One-shots. Dabbler of Genres. Altogether too slow for her own good.

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Magnum Opus · 6:31pm Apr 20th, 2016

Well that's it guys, wrote the story I got into Ponyfic for, see you all on the other side bbbyyyyeeeee~!

I kid, I kid. But Seriously: Three Years, probably close to the day I have been working on this story. I know because I joined Fimfiction shortly after committing the opening lines to paper in the basement of the Kenyon Review office in my Junior year of College.

Gosh it has been a long time.

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So...any progress on Celestia Cannot Sleep?? :scootangel:


Ooh, yay! Another person who knows their tea! I like the design you've created for Lady Grey, it seems to fit perfectly! Oh, and also Chai Black sounds adorable too.

1305702 Yes! In fact I came up with four possible usernames before I joined the site which were all based on varieties of tea and I came up with a Ponysona for each of them, only settling on Lady Grey when I decided I liked her design best. Also in the running were: Jasmine Oolong, Celyon Pekoe and Chai Black.

Lady Grey...

As in, the tea? The Earl Grey-esque blend with a bunch of more bergamot and some citrus rinds?

I have found your writing style to be most enjoyable, and as such I will be Watching you.

... but not in a creepy way. Unless you're into that sort of thing...

:facehoof: I... I'll just go over here now.

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