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On a cold winter's night after Hearthswarming, Twilight Sparkle comes to Celestia with evidence of a terrible historical conspiracy. Celestia responds by teaching her what it means to be remembered.

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Funny thing I think it has never been stated in canon that the Sisters knew Starswirl the Bearded. I like this, it is simple but it got the point across. The pageant is simply a story, there is much that it doesn't tell us, like where were the other ponies that made up the tribes? Expedition to find a new home takes more than two ponies. You did good with this... and in my mind the Sisters did know Star Swirl, Star Swirl the Belled and she was would be annoyed that her story was merged with that of her ancestor.

2707586 And Star Swirl the Belled was totally BFFs with Clover the Clever and they got into all sorts of trouble all the time.

Not really since Clover the Clever was a student (and later wife) of Starswirl the Bearded, but she was BFFs with the Sisters.

“But you know,” Celestia put a wing around her student and leaned in close. “Starswirl the Bearded did invent time travel.”
Twilight lifted her head excitedly. “Really? Really-really?”
“Truly. And the first thing he did with the spell was to go back in time tell himself it was possible.”

Now if only we all had an easy out like that. :rainbowlaugh:

Really cute story. Fed was right about this one. +1

2707682 Thanks a lot for the comment! I'm glad you liked it--I'm a little unused to writing cute and that's not what I waded in to do, but I really enjoyed myself with the story, so I'm glad you enjoyed it too. :pinkiehappy:

cute story. it's nice to see that some people are getting tired of people retconing hearths warming eve. the naming was a bit convoluted but it paved a good foundation for the rest of the story.

2707718 If you think that is bad you should see the history of Hellenistic Egypt--"And then Ptolemy, son of Ptolemy, divorced Arsinoe and Married Arsinoe. His grandson, Ptolemy, went on to marry Arsinoe." I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Unless you were talking about the title, in which case I can blame Fedora Mask for that.

2707640 Hm... I wonder. Did Starswirl the Belled take up her Ancestor's Bell-y mantel or were the Bells Twilight had in Luna Eclipsed actually artifacts of the historical merging of the two people?

The latter. The Belled was for more a showpony than her ancestor and the hat was part of her look to make her seem Great and Powerful.

Oh, hey, a short, sweet and cute story that manages to be both short, sweet and cute! SUCH A RARITY

But yeah, pretty nice. Sometimes a little warming of the heart's cockles is all you need.

Thanks! I excel at being short, but sweet and cute is new to me. I'm glad to have succeeded. :yay:

Filly Twi is always welcome, and this is a nice little story. :twilightsmile:

2709109 Thanks! It was actually really interesting to write Filly Twilight here because she's just so bold about the whole thing. Can you imagine older Twilight giving Celestia this much sass?

Nice little story!

And in truth there were many more things “wrong” with it than a simple name confusion. In retelling, the story had long ago slipped into the realm of myth. “It’s not hurting anypony.”

But it is! It's hurting Twilight. Honoring Clover's legacy may be better than getting her name right, but doing both is even better than that, and I don't see any reason why it can't happen here.

Actually, according to the recent comics, Celestia trained under Starswirl.

Comet... did you just comment on something I said 50 weeks ago, way before the comic reveled the truth?

Oh wow, I didn't notice the time.:twilightblush:


Whenever I imagine Celestia talking about Clover, I always imagine her calling her either 'Master Clover' or 'Mother'.

This was a darling little story. Very engaging and sweet. I quite enjoyed it. Thank you kindly for sharing. :twilightsmile:

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