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Twilight's caught a special type of flu, and it's up to none other than Princess Celestia to nurse her through it. A special, tender little moment follows in this most unexpected of circumstances.

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Nicely done, for how much I like Twilestia as a paring I always love the mother/daughter relationship between them as well. You did good.


This was very cute :twilightsmile:
Even though Twilight in a furnace is...really something else :rainbowlaugh:
Would it be okay for you if I added your story into my "Momlestia" group?

2268224 Okay, you're channeling Twilight, 'cause you sound delerious. :rainbowlaugh:

So here's hoping Salamanderitis has a long 'cool down' period, or Twilight's fever will break, then POOF!

This is to me the best illustration of Twilestia that doesn't involve shipping, just sheer adoration of a student for her teacher. And the reciprocation on a similar level.

I like the desease. Could I borrow it for a fic if I ever find a use for it?

Also, could you give a complete discription of the symptoms here in the comments?

sequel, sequel!!, maybe just anoother short 1 shot of her getting over the flu, which means being in there very dangerous, and celestia have tonget her out in a hurry, could also have twi remember what she said and have a nice panic attack xD
very sweet momlestia, having to stay warm in a furnace .... lol makes an interesting picture :twilightoops:


Sure, and I'm glad you like the story. In mythology, the salamander crawls it's way to the heart of volcanoes, because it's body is so cold and icy that only the utter heat it finds there is enough to warm it up. The disease, for a dragon, is little more than an ordinary flu, which like most flu's causes the body to react by producing a fever.

This gets a bit complicated in a species that uses lava as a hot tub, so to go even hotter than that to burn out the fever is something peculiar indeed.

Twilight's case is unique, indeed, she could very well be the only pony with enough inherent magic to facilitate the disease, most ponies would be immune by default, though circumstantial infection could well be possible. While she has it, her body is magically convincing itself and everything around it that it's actually a dragon, hence, the absurd heat of the furnace is not fatal, or even particularily bothersome. (I took liberties with Celestia being more or less fireproof, which makes the story work.)

The symptoms are essentially the same as a regular flu, except that the subject goes up hundreds of degrees rather than a regular fever. They feel they like any other fever, except their bed catches fire under them, breakfast burns on their tongues (not harmfully, but it's inedible and tastes bad), and they become a nuiscance and hazard because of the unnatural raise in temperature.

The big danger Salamanderitus is actually after the fever breaks, when the pony is still hundreds of degrees above normal, but is no longer being a faux-dragon and so loses their immunity to heat. A competent unicorn is needed to magically protect the victim from harm while allowing them to cool naturally, or, if skilled enough, to siphon off the excess heat with an appropriate heat sink. Celestia takes on this role when she stays up with Twilight. You are absolutely free to use the disease if you like.

I see no liberties in stating that Celestia is fireproof , she is after all the ponyfication of the sun .

2268517 I like that you are turning to old myths for inspiration. It is always good when authors do that. Here is a bit of Salamander trivia for you. The myths about salamanders problably started when farmers would grab a rotting log for the fireplace, with a real salamander inside. the salamander would flee the fire. Innitially, they thought that salamanders were creatures of ice, not fire. The myths said that the beasts could put out any fire. Eventually they evolved into the salamander myths of today, where occasionally they are born in a fire and they love sources of heat like volcanoes

Oh my god this is so cute :3

That was cute, I'll give you that. :twilightsmile:

That's so sweet... awwww. :heart::heart:

I've been reading a lot of fimfiction lately where Celestia is "the bad guy". This was such a nice change

This was absolutely adorable, fantastic work :twilightsmile: . And indeed as was already said by another, quite the interesting illness Twilight's come down with here. If anything though, it's lucky it was her that caught it, not many other ponies would be bright enough to self-diagnose that quickly :moustache: .

The mental image of Twilight sleeping peacefully under a pile of coals in a roaring furnace while Celestia looks on is just so very adorable that words are not adequate. It would almost certainly inspire me to draw it myself, if I were capable of drawing. And your fictional disease is quite inspired, as well.

I spotted only two spelling errors myself; 'shovefluls' instead of shovelfuls, and 'shakey' isn't a word but shaky is. Otherwise, great work!

2268332 the operative part of those two sentences being the four words in front of the comma :heart: :trollestia: :twilightsmile: :heart:

Brilliant story, really made me smile. Quick question, where is the cover picture from? I have seen it before and I just can't remember

Very sweet, and delightfully inventive!

Well, it's a good thing I didn't want to keep living today.

Too much cute for my heart to handle.

This was amazing.

A lovely and very clever story. :twilightsmile:

Can Twilight's ability to set herself aflame when angry be tied back to this?

This is actually 120% more awesome! I'm hoping there's more to this story at some point, but even so it's a fantastic stand-alone fic.

2269339 Sometimes you have to over-explain for the childrens' sake. :trollestia:

2269472 A friend actually found it for, after a fruitless search on my part. It's a'friggin'd'aww'able, isn't it just?

The original I used is found here http://mamandil.deviantart.com/art/Tiny-Twi-has-a-cold-334418210



I'm crying now.

Thanks a lot.

2268517 Huh. Twilight is the only unicorn (operative word here) who's magical enough to catch this disease? What about Celestia then? The only explanation for why this doesn't affect her that I can think of is that, being a millennia-old goddess, even dragon diseases can't get to her.

Other than that, short, sweet and to the point. I like. :twilightsmile:


Thousands of years just means she's had a lot of time to become immune. Who knows? Maybe she's really a walking, disease-ridden time bomb, keeping her own immune system up at peak efficiency so she can keep dormant, ancient viruses contained inside her as she seeks a cure.

... Damn, that sounds like it'd be a good continuation to a story like this.

Absolutely adorable. And anyone who's ever had a bad fever can easily sympathize with Twilight. And even though she's miserable it's still funny when she's got her head stuffed under a pile of burning coals.

Cute... Faved, upvoted, etc. You deserve it, my fellow writer. :twilightsmile:

This was a very touching story. I really liked the disease and the furnace bit.

You know, this is an utterly pedestrian, typical wishy washy plot about feelings for the sake of feelings with the flimsiest pretext possible... and yet I love it anyway, because the skilled execution makes the tiredness of the premise almost irrelevant.

The disease of choice was perhaps the one note of genuine originality in the piece, but it was fabulously done. I wish I'd thought of it first! The area of dragon-pony cross-species diseases is certainly a plausibly unexplored idea for Twi and Spike, and the imagery involved in Twilight's chosen bed, coupled with the implied danger once she feels better, is just incredibly appropriate and unique. You even tied it in to the scene small cute ways, like the sneeze, that simply wouldn't have worked with a normal flu.

Grats on taking a worn out old idea and making it new again, for a few fleeting minutes.


2320607 I have to agree with what you said there, in generalities at least. It really is a rather simple story, without complexity or depth beyond what is immediately apparant. Truth be told, the original idea was a fair bit different, but always the disease was the core idea I wanted to write about. It's just such great image, I find. Everything else in the story just faciliates that, as well as being pretty darn a'daww'able, if I may say so myself :heart::twilightsmile:

Proof that a "well worn" plot (The Unsolicited Confession of Love) doesn't need to come off as totally cliche. I've ready many stories of Twilight confessing her love of Celestia, but can't help feeling this is a much more realistic and honest take. Of course the image of Twilight having to stay in a furnace because she catches a draconian disease is kind of awesome. So seems being so magically powerful that your nearly indestructible and destine to ascend to near godhood DOES have down sides.

Well this is a cute and neat idea presented in a simple adorable package. Yeah, I can dig it. :twilightsmile:

Dat cover art.... 10/10 dawwww.

Brilliantly told; very realistic and heartfelt.

This is so well done and believable and it's exactly the kind of incident that would explain further the love and understanding implicit in their relationship, however formal that relationship is.
Genuine ad'awwwableness! :twilightsmile:

Hello feels, been a while........good to see you again.

Very nice work, good to see a story like this every once in a while.

D'awwww. Would love to see more


Bam. Favorited.

i am so fucking confused. how the hell is she IN a furnace? I get she has a disease, but....what?


It's a draconic disease. So yes, while part of it is that her body can go to extremely high temperatures, the downside is that it has to go to these temperatures to get over the sickness.

Or, my prefferred explanation in all things: Magic Ain't Gotta Explain Zip:twilightsmile:

More than the fuzzees this gave me you are also a fantastic writer. You know when 'said the pile of coals' makes utter sense, that talent was employed.
Just an example of the hallmarks of good writers, showing/telling andn all that jazz,:derpytongue2: but you get the jist. Well done.
I need to take notes...

What a sweet, sweet warm story and a very clever (if kind of alarming) premise!

We've probably all been there, being terribly sick and not only inclined but practically forced by the draining energy of illness to cut through all of our usual self-restraints and just say what we feel in the moment (not always a good thing), and you really brought that out well. The only difficulty I had with this story was Celestia's confusion and delay in response to Twilight's revelation (she is, after all, immortal and has all of the experience that a very long life entails), but it's still plausible and I do understand why you wrote it that way.

Your dialog and prose are excellent and well-placed, and the story is also, for me, in general very well written and I was very moved by it. This is an instant favorite for me. Very nicely done.



> “I still feel really woozy. I think breakfast caught fire in my mouth.”

Best line.

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