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The steady march of decades had changed Equestria, and they had changed Twilight Sparkle. There were new marvels in the world and, yes, the absence of others long treasured.

Now, something was coming up in her busy schedule, something Twilight Sparkle had dreamed of since her youngest years. Behind her wry smile was a budding excitement and the heady wonderment of childhood, the likes of which her retainers might never have imagined her capable.

Twilight Sparkle smiled, she didn't need to show any different, because she knew: for all of it, she was not so changed after all.

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A novel slice of life, but there just wasn't enough to it for me to offer much in the way of constructive critique. As for the sci-fi elements, they felt more painted on than anything. There wasn't much difference between this scenario and one where Twilight has Spike send a letter to some new western boomtown that she'll be arriving a few days early to better appreciate it. Mind you, that does help emphasize that this is still Twilight Sparkle after all these years, but it still makes the story feel less consequential. Clarke's Third Law is working against you; the sufficently advanced technology isn't offering much that magic can't provide.

... So much for not much critique, huh? :derpytongue2:


You raise a good point I hadn't considered. On the one hand, we have an Equestria that is steam trains, quills and candles. On the other hand: time and dimensional travel, meteorlogical control and terraforming.

Magic sort of ousts the potential for Sci-fi to make light of those wonders, like Clarke requires.

Definitly something to think about, going forwards! As for the story itself, at least the "doesn't feel that different" subtext happens to feed back into the "not supposed to be that different past superficialities" narrative.

Thanks for reading, thanks sending me your thought. :twilightsmile:

One can get around that problem by establishing limits on what magic can do though the writer would have to do it because with the show we can see that establishing to help with a scifi story is not on the priority list. By establishing certain limitations you can then have technology concentrate on those areas that magic does not and still get much of the desired effect.

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