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Work hard. Learn. And use your skills to better Equestria. That's a worthy goal for anypony!


Teacher and student
Messages go back and forth
Haiku is here too.

On a quiet evening in her chambers, Celestia is surprised by the sudden arrival of young Twilight Sparkle's latest report card.

A story entrant to the Twilestia is Bestia group's third bimonthly prompt contest

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Me(before reading): This'll be interesting.
me: (after reading) Celestia appears to be a troll.

one word rating: cute.
I'd like to haiku, but I
just don't know how to.

This is a haiku
You could write a better one -
Go ahead and try.

3921229 That wasn't the intended reaction

Hnnng. My heart just died.
I suspect the comments now,
Will all be in haiku.

Stupid poetry, always eluding me in all its fiends even though I do love it


Haikus are defined by the property of juxtaposition in the second and third lines...

In other words, simply matching the meter does NOT make a haiku. It's just words set to meter.


In what you say here,
yes, that is the strictest sense
it forgoes sweetness :rainbowwild:

I treasure the irony you've presented here, truly I do :pinkiehappy:

Or was it?! *dun dun dunnnnn!*
Anyway....why do people keep staring at my profile pic? Its beautiful

That last haiku was just adorable :twilightsmile:

This was very cute.
Also charming in a way,
How haikus were used.

What a silly thing
This story has turned into
It's cuteness is high.

Two ponies exchange--
Alicorns past, and future
--a tentative bond.



This story is cool.
It's like me and my sister.
I love this story.

These awesome comments
will all be great Haikus. I
must participate.

Slight spelling error,
It's "then" not "than" in her last.
See me after class.


A word gone missing,
A sentence tumbling, too fast:
Teacher could be friend.

[that Celestia, Princess and Teacher could be (and truly, was) also Celestia, friend.]

A moment in time
from a timeless perspective:
Unexpected depth.

I won't even try... :trollestia:
But you have a beautiful way with words and I love your characterizations.
Have another fav.

Black words on white screen
Sun helps Book think out of box
A green thumb appears

It's late for me. But
I'm glad I read your story.
It's time I sleep too.


She did not hear the quietest of sounds, the warm whoosh that passsed her over like a breeze through gentle flame did not wake her. The note came to be with a tiny, humble pop and settled atop the resting form of Celestia.
I am sleepy now
And I’ve put Spike in his bed
Good night to you too.

Wait, if Spike is in bed, how did Twilight send the last haiku?

Syllables falling
from my mind to the pages
carefully arranaged

Cute, this story is
I enjoyed it very much
Thank you for your work

warm, fuzzy feelings
Lingering satisfaction
It's adorable

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