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Sometimes the best times in life are those times where you can stop doing anything and just be. Celestia spends an evening with Twilight. Nothing of import happens.

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Dialogue felt very stilted. Celestia burning the book could be done well, but in this case, was poorly executed.

“Words Twilight. Use your words.” Celestia was smiling calmly at her.


Celestia smiled impishly. “I suggest, 'the Sun ate it.'

This is the moment that I favorited this.

Also, I must agree. Bookfort is best pony study place.

I thought this fic was really sweet. The dialogue was good too.

Is this shipping. It feels like shipping. Have you considered putting a romance tag on it?

7197660 It could be, at the least it implies a very close relationship, but it wasn't intended to be overtly romantic, so no romance tag.

"Weird to be a character in a story." Oh, the irony...

I want more of Celestia throwing books in the fire
And can you please make another chapter where they start a pillow fight?? :pinkiesad2:

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