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Embrace the darkness.


It has been many years since the death of Twilight Sparkle. But Celestia cannot forget her. She never could.

The things they did together, the love they shared.

They hold dear to Celestia's heart.

(This is just a short story, and has no links to other stories)

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Ow dude. Just ow. *sniff* then you done made me cry:raritycry:
I'm a full grown man in the Marines and you made me cry. Congrats brother.


It really means a lot to me. I believe a good story is one that really invokes feelings. Thank you! XD


I don't know either...but sometimes, you only realise that you love someone so much when he or she is dead...

But this is not supposed to be depressing... XD
It may seem like it, but it's supposed to teach something- don't be afraid to love.


Thanks! :)
Really means a lot to me.

... Well played sir... Well played...


yeah great kinda story man, kinda bittersweet, beautiful and i agree love is such a powerful weapon in todays world, if only people knew how to use it, made me tear up a little but it was worth it

Not in a hundred years, a thousand years, a millennia.

I am fairly certain a millennia == a thousand years :P

Besides that very nice story. Good balance :)

Comment posted by zsunknown deleted Oct 4th, 2013


Fixed that. :P


Is Twilight the Equestrian Angel of Death?

Because that would kick ass.

There's only one thing I have to say to Celestia...

well.... either Equestria gets used to having a ghostly skeleton alicorn ruling over it beside Celestia.... or Celestia now has a ghost for a wife... just imagen their... nightly activities^^ lol^^

Also random though that just went through my head... In the last chapter Celestia said that everything is possible in a dream right? So why didn't she talk to Twilight when she was asleep? By her own calculations she would have roughly 5 days A DAY with her that way. Stupid Celestia is stupid^^

Great story! Just one little thing that bugged me, Cadence is Twilights sister-in-law not her aunt.:twilightsheepish:

i really like this story :pinkiehappy: have you ever thought of a sequel to this story for the Endless Snow part of the story not the Alternate Ending or if you do have the Alternate Ending linked to the sequel have twilight disperser but as i was saying a thought came to me after after reading this what if you made a sequel where some how twilight is re-borne and Celestia feels it, and find out where the new yet same twilight is and some how she looks the same even still has her cutie mark. now Celestia finding her as a filly or a new borne i'm not shier how to go with that:rainbowhuh: but as i said ever since i read this story the thought of all this came to me a it is making me wounder how you would do it:raritystarry: but if you don't really want to do something like that i understand :twilightsmile:

Omnia vincit amor. Love conquers all.

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