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Twilight Sparkle had everything she wanted and then it exploded.

That was last week. And sure, she got a swank new castle out of it, but that's poor consolation. Coping with what she's lost - and gained - isn't as easy as it sounds. It's a good thing she doesn't have to deal with this on her own.

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>adventure tag

I'm just sitting here wondering how a one-shot about this topic has an adventure tag. Is it, like, bigger on the inside text or something? This intrigues me.

Also, I haven't made a Doctor Who joke in a year, so don't put me under the guillotine yet. :derpytongue2:


You will come to understand why this pleases me greatly :derpytongue2:

about halfway through, it gets easier if you tilt your head to the right

You missed a closing '[/i]' somewhere in there.

“Aww, Twilight! Don’t say that. Boneless I turned into a super-duper special Harmony key and helped save the world. The world!” she stressed, “And Boneless II is soon-to-be famous travelling act! So it’s only natural that Boneless II The Second is really anxious to prove himself, too. I keep telling him that it’s alright, though...””

The italics started at 'world'

Great job as always, ambion. Thanks for sharing it.

Yeah, the italics. Also, who's Boneless II the Second? That's confusing, because Cheese named both Boneless and Boneless 2 and he's got Boneless 2 so who is Boneless II the Second and where did he comes from?
4800145 Maybe it's the time travel?

Fixed - that same thing with the italics keeps happening to me :twilightblush:

Otherwise, Boneless II The Second is literally the second second Boneless, with the first second Boneless being with Cheese and the first first Boneless having ascended to a higher form of existence :pinkiehappy:

Before she creates a new filing system and before they books are shelved there needs to be one thing. A Book Fort. :pinkiehappy:

How to explain? Simple. Big castle, plenty of rooms, lots to explore. They found a room in the castle with copies of all her books, courtesy of the magic of harmony. That's Twilight's story and she's sticking to it.

Magic, after all. As the only member of the mane six with significant thaumaturgic knowledge, none of the rest can really contradict it.

Okay. This is adorable. Something about ponies snuggling in blankets is a weakness to me and I can't resist.

So, they pulled a Bill-and-Ted plan. Went back to before the library no longer existed, and snagged what they needed to save before it no-longer needed saved, in order to have the books that were then never destroyed.

And that explains the lack of burning pages in the blown up library.

This would make an awesome season 5 episode! :yay:
Nice use and explanation of time travel You can has my likes all that I can give... which unfortunately is only 1 :raritydespair:
Great one shot!

4801581 Thumbs up for the Bill & Ted reference. :heart:

Pinkie is amazing in this story.

I also like how this fits with a Gargoyles style time traveling theory. The books could not be found in the destruction because Twilight and Pinkie took them already.

Everything about this story is perfect. Twilight is perfect, Pinkie is extra perfect, and the plan was great and had just the right amount of sentiment.

Pinkie? Pinkie? That's not how you use a dictionary, Pinkie.

When you look up a word it's because you know what it is but not what it means. Not the other way around. Yes, it would be very useful to have a book like that! It's just---

Do I really have to explain dictionaries again?

Apply universe-breaking directly to Twilight.:pinkiesmile: Guaranteed 100% effective on headaches, loneliness, meloncoly, depression, sneezles, whooping cough, dark lords of the sith, and omnicidal centaurs or your money back.:twilightoops:

Well, Pinkie was Being Pinkie.
I know this because...

WHAT IN EQUESTRIA WAS PINKIE SAYING?:twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightangry2::twilightoops::twilightoops::rainbowhuh::rainbowhuh::pinkiehappy:

Proof that good things do get into the featured box! :heart:

It probably would have been better (and safer, temporally speaking) to hide the books in the basement.... then go back to the ruins of the library and unearth them when they returned. That way there's no risk of any of the books or their ashes existing twice in the same place.

I loved this and Pinkie cheering up Twilight was simply beautiful.

I really wanna see a piccy of Twi and Pinks in a blanket fort now.

Of course Twilight also has all the books from the Castle of the Two Sisters too. And those are REALLY old, so she will be extra happy now.


Our first experience with time travel in this setting is Twilight Sparkle having a conversation with Twilight Sparkle. I fail to see the concern.

And in any case, any books that Twilight brought back obviously did not get turned into ash, because they were no longer there.

Oh my god that cover is the cutest I've ever seen! The fact that I'm actually motivated to comment about it proves so!

Maybe it's just me. But when I read it through, it sounded like they only managed to rescue some of the books, not all of them. So if you go back to save all of the books, but can only get like 3/4 of them, the reason you went back in time in the first place is still there.

D'aawwww, that's so heartwarming. :raritystarry:

Nice work, sir. :pinkiehappy:

It's a good thing Pinkie Pie only took Rarity's word.
If she had taken Rarity's phrase, it would have been the Worst.

Aaww, this was overly cute and adorable. I loved the smells in the blankets. Wasn't sure if this was gonna take a shipping route, though if it did I don't thini I would have minded to much. I did like the friendship here and Pinkie being Pinkie Pie of course. That blanket scene was something else, great job. Gotta always love the pink little devil. And she got Twilight's books back! Makes you almost wish it were cannon in the show. XD

Congrats on the featureboxing! Definitely deserving it, here.

They say scents have the strongest sensory link to memory, and that definitely is coming through. And that twist about solving Twilight's mope? A definite d'aww.

Ok, firstly, MY FEELS!!!


And Thirdly...if this is not a cannon episode of Season 5 then Harbro I shall be VERY DISAPPOINT!!! :twilightangry2:

On a side note, gotta give you props, I've never seen anyone pull a Pinkie that well! Seriously, read alot, and I'd say less than a dozen really come close! Well done!

4802356 Pinkie Knows how dictionaries work. They fall Open in front of people with exactly the word the were looking for right there on the page it opened up to!:pinkiehappy:

4802356 That's how Pinkie uses a dictionary.

Alternatively, it didn't say she looked up "pinna", so maybe what she looked up was "ear", and there was a diagram, or possibly just a list of all the parts of an ear.

Or maybe what she called a dictionary is really a reverse dictionary. I don't know.

^ That alone could be a true comment on this fic, heh.

Great characterization of both Pinkie and Twilight, really, Pinkie was Pinkie in this. No over-the-top random ignorance, neither seriousness without cracking a joke. Rather; she's a random, funny and understanding friend.
The idea and execution were great as well. For such a short story, we really got a understanding of how Twi' felt about everything, and Pinkie's desperation to help.

So without further rambles, have my fav' and thumb.

Love this fic! Pinkie is just so...Pinkie in this fic! THIS is how you characterize her! Not "LOL random" or "I HAVE NO FILTER BETWEEN MY BRAIN AND MY MOUTH" or "Oopsie, didn't mean to destroy the world like that, sorry!".

No, Pinkie really truly wants to help her friends, and her methods work, just not in the way you'd expect.

Okay, this is pretty awesome! Love it!

This is a great, heartwarming story perfectly written. And your Pinkie is awesome!

This was really cute, and a great portrayal of Pinkie as others have said :twilightsmile:

However, during the last part, I just couldn't stop being constantly reminded of something from It's About Time (it's even a quote from Pinkie):

Twilight, Twilight, I found something! It doesn't stop time, but it lets you go back in time. It says you can go back once, and it only lasts for a few moments. Does that help?

The time travel spell is a one-time deal. That's why she couldn't just cast it again to make herself clearer in the episode.

I was actually hoping to find some form of handwaving of this fact in the story, just so it'd stop bugging me.

Aside from that, it was a very heartwarming story :pinkiesmile:


I had it in mind that it means you can go back to any one particular time once.
And it never quite gives you enough time to do what you intended to, at that.

But one could use it to go back to bits of time that haven't previously been visited.

Also, getting featured on the same day my stuff gets locked inside a public building. :duck: I'm only just finding out about this whole thing now!


The time travel spell is a one-time deal. That's why she couldn't just cast it again to make herself clearer in the episode.

I think it's because that spell can only produce Stable Time Loops. Therefore, you can't alter history by using it. It worked here because known history wasn't altered.

4809900 Yeah, the one-time use really screws my time travel fanfic ideas.

4810888 Unless it was once for Twilight Sparkle the unicorn and once more for Twilight Sparkle the alicorn?

4810520 Just like in Doctor Who when there's a paradox that doesn't blow up reality.

I figured it just means you can only go back to any one point of time once. Once you have gone to that point, it's closed. The spell itself can be used again and again, but only ever to different points in time.

Nice story, and a good idea from Pinkie Pie. But where's Spike in all this? Seems he'd need a bed, too. And he'd be sure to help shelve all the books.

Great job on getting Pinkie down. Also love the time travel angle. This story reminds me of a saying, "A good friend is there for you but a great friend talks you into all kinds of trouble". Love the story and have an up vote.

I love it.:rainbowlaugh::rainbowkiss::raritystarry::ajsmug::derpytongue2::yay:

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