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Top Favourites-- Best of their Genres

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Information From The Incubator Collective

Howdy! My name's Knight Of Cerebus, and I'm an editor for the Over Extensive Editor and Proofreader Groups, as well as admin for Twilestia is Bestia.

A little bit about me:

Favourite Pony: Twilight
Favourite Pairing: Twilestia is bestia. I'm the admin, by the way, so ring me up if you have anything in mind for the pairing. No, really. I have a problem.
Favourite Non Mane Six: Celestia
Favourite Villain: Discord
Favourite CMC: Sweetie Belle
Favourite Fimfic: Composure. Take all of my love. All of it.

Least Favourite Pony: Rainbow Dash (and how!)
Least Favourite Pairing: Spilight
Least Favourite Non Mane Six: Mary Cadance Sue
Least Favourite Villain: Diamond Tiara
Least Favourite CMC: Scootaloo. But I still love her ^^
Least Favourite Fimfiction: Biblical Monsters. So goddamn much.

So long as you respect my ideas and put up with my occasional tirade, we'll get along just fine. Message me whenever you need something, and I'll do my best to get back to you.

I look forward to working with you if you're here for an edit, and if you're here to follow my stories, thank you for listening to my voice amongst the myriad tales.

Cheers, Knight Of Cerebus

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I Just Want You All To Know What I Have To Put Up With · 3:41pm Oct 10th, 2015

This. This right here is the reason I've moved writing and interacting with Fimfic to so far down on my priorities list. Because I have to deal with PMs like this:

Read More

Report Knight of Cerebus · 451 views · Story: Tia's Reign of Terror ·

Awesome people that I edit for and you should totally follow:

Random String--This fellow only has one story, but it is pretty darn funny and certainly original. On top of that, he's a capital chap with a good deal of humility and an impressive dedication to his craft. Watch out for writing your Luna as a Sue though, Random!

The Wizard Of Words--The most famous TwiDash writer on the website and my first ever partner. Though he has a peculiar fascination with purple prose and some issues with characterization at times, he's a top notch writer with a great deal of energy and emotion packed into his works. Seriously, if you like TwiDash, go follow him.

Smiles--Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. As a writer, Smiles has a singular problem. He can't ever publish what he writes. When he does, it's usually pretty good, but as a group manager he's outstanding. Seriously, he's both a fair mod and has a good grasp on what people need and like in their daily lives. He's also one of the nicest people on the website.

The Descendant--Do I really need to say anything? You probably follow him already. If you don't, crack open something he wrote and let it speak for itself. I'm pretty hard on him, mostly because of how good a writer he is. He tends to have trouble selling Spike's behaviour sometimes. Hopefully I'll be his tow rope for his next story, and anchor Spike's thoughts.

Rainbow Bob--If you know your Featured Box stories well, you've probably already guessed from my Least Favourite Fics list that Bob and I's history did not have a happy start. That said, he is a quirky, unusual writer with a great deal of dedication to the trade, and is probably more ubiquitous than Regidar. A good deal nicer, too. He's a reasonable and down to earth fellow, and while his stories usually aren't something that tickles my palette, he's certainly worth your time.

Darkdragoon--Probably the nicest person I've ever met on the internet. Go talk to him even if you don't follow his stories. Seriously, he's just worth your time in general. As to his writing, it's riddled with errors and nothing's been posted yet, but it has a nice sweeping feel to it and he does have some great concepts.

XSomeGuyX--A shipper, through and through. He only has one story up so far (minus a comedy collection I'm not tied to), but he's got a good hand on the tiller and a solid grasp of characterization. Has some issues with plot progression getting in the way of characterization, but he's always open to criticism and takes it in good grace. If Bizarre Love Triangles are your thing, he's the fellow for you.

Sabre--A very cerebral writer, and one with some interesting concepts I haven't seen on the site before. I edit a 1984-esque story for him, but he has a wide range of them, and he's certainly no slouch on his own. Watch out for comma placement, Sabre!

LordSmokedMeatsandFishes--I've never met a writer of the trade who creates more inoffensive work, and I mean that in the best way. His stories are unashamedly made to make you smile, and he needs more love, despite his name making me hungry at all times. Keep that perspective usage and your tone shifts in check, Meats.

AppleBandit--Clever and smooth with an eye for story mechanics, he keeps his stories run like a well-oiled machine. Sometimes he runs into Fridge Logic problems, but he's got a firm grasp on what he's doing, and is just generally very good at this whole "writing" shebang. Writes stories for a living IRL, if that's any indication.

Fuzzyfurvert--Fuzzy is my wing man, my mane cowriter on the website and a very trustworthy fellow. He's got a good sense of humor and a love of shipping Best Pony with princesses. While we may disagree on which princess ship is best ship, we can agree Needs to watch for story progression at times, as he gets a little sidetracked.

Der_Fur_Shur--So many grammar errors :raritydespair: That said, pacing and ideas are both certainly there. A new writer on the site who's still finding his path. Give him a ring!

Dragon Genesis--Too young! Too young to rule the kingdom! Seriously, this fellow writes well for somebody who started when he was fifteen. He has some great ideas, but he needs help pacing them out and giving them staying power. Hopefully I can help him with that.

Speedy--Speedy has what any good author should have before approaching an editor: A desire to do better. He has grammar issues, character issues, spelling issues and formatting issues, but he also has a desire to correct those mistakes and an earnest love of writing. With a little bit of patience and polish, the quality of his meticulous plotting and pacing talent really shines.

The Abyss--Not a Nietzsche reference, to my great shock. He is a great writer in pretty much all regards, though he doesn't do anything too adventurous at any times. My job is to pick out his grammar errors and supply the occasional plot point. He's a bit pushy, but very supportive and very generous.

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2075012 ...I'll just send you a PM instead. :/

2074864 Not yet. I'll get back on Skype as soon as I finish the Season Finale. It'll be another three days at the very latest, so I should be looking soon.

2074862 Ah, I see. I just graduated college, so I have nothing but time. :P You see the story page I sent you on skype yet?

2074860 Exams and deliberately avoiding spoilers for the finale I've been too busy to watch...because of exams. :twilightoops:

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