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Princess Cadence is a lonely filly who has been shielded and protected all her life as a princess and member of the dwindling race of Sacred Alicorns. She longs for a friend her age to play with, and as a young teen she is sent to stay in Canterlot where her Aunt Celestia would personally mentor her in developing her magic. There she hopes to finally have the freedom she longs for and find somepony to be her friend. Instead, she is asked to foal sit for one of her aunt's royal adviser's fillies who may just be as lonely and reclusive as she.

This is the story of how Princess Cadence learns that the ability to give love cannot be complete without finding love for yourself, and sometimes it is found when you least expect it.

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My idol posting a new story?

AUTO-READ 8D :pinkiehappy:

I don't want to point out nitpicks. Not to my all time favorite author whose first story inspired me to write my own Fluttershy fic and sequel. :fluttershyouch:

Unless you want me to that is...:ajsleepy:

I don't mind. This one isn't as serious as 'Harmony' so I'm not striving for perfection. Let me know if you like it, and what to change.

Wow, this story is really good. i'm glad you're posting another story, as it can help deal with writer's blocks (If you have one) Writing new stories can give you good ideas for future series or chapters. And heres hoping we get to see Cadence in Finding Harmony. I think Harmony and her would get along famously.

I was actually working on the new chapter to Harmony right after watching the finale and then I'm like.... I wanna write another fic! So Harmony is the one I will most concentrate on, but I'll work on this one in between. It shouldn't be too long and I'm glad you like it so far:twilightsmile:

very good i am tracking this

Must have more:flutterrage:!!!!!!
any who loved and hopes to see more soon

I refuse accept Cadence as an alicorn. :trixieshiftleft:

It makes no sense. There's no explanation. It's an animation error! Yeah, that's the ticket.... A recurring animation error that made it look like she had wings! And now everyone else is blindly copying it, even though it made no sense. Haha, it's funny! :pinkiecrazy:

hey I think I explained her appearance as another alicorn pretty well in this story if you read it that is.... um... yeah :fluttercry:

The only criticism I would offer is that you need to break up your paragraphs a little more. For example, that one really big paragraph wher Cadance is explaining where she came from would benefit from being broken down into multiple smaller paragraphs that will make your narrative easier to follow. I'll break it down for you.
When I was born in the marediteranean city of Roam in the region of Istalia, there was great celebration, as there always was when an alicorn was born to continue the great but dwindling race. I was also next in line for the crown of all of Equestria if ever Princess Celestia could no longer do her duty, but I didn’t think that would ever happen. I was protected as a commodity and hailed as the little princess of our small kingdom along with my parents who were duke and duchess respectively. And when I say protected, I mean I was shielded from any type of danger and therefore any freedom other ponies my age experienced. I had private tutors for my lessons, a nanny who structured every moment of my day so there was no time for me to play with other fillies or colts, and any time spent outdoors was with a royal guard or my parents during some sort of royal procession or dull garden party.
The only time I saw other ponies my age, or at least closer to my age then the royal court, was at these regal events, and even then they were just my cousins from other regions who I never had a chance to grow close to. They were all unicorn fillies and colts and they seemed to think I was stuck up or something just because I was one of the Sacred Alicorns.
Also, the so-called ‘Sacred Alicorns’ seemed to take longer to develop their magic then other unicorns so my cousins all could do complex spells while I was still struggling with levitating things. It didn’t help my popularity with them and things just got worse when a new alicorn prince was born and I even lost that which had made me special.
So, you see I was a lonely little filly when I was young. My parents both loved me, they tried to always be there for me even with their busy schedules, and they protected me not just as a Sacred Alicorn, but as their daughter, so I cannot say I never knew love, but I never really had a friend to play and share stories with. Another filly to tell secrets and have slumber parties with, or colt to gallop and wrestle with. Maybe that is why when my talent appeared it was to spread love to others. I had too much inside me that I hadn’t ever had the chance to give away.
Breaking it up makes the story easier to read since readers won't be turned off or confused by that great big wall of text there. Otherwise, I think this story has a lot of potential and I look forward to what's coming next.

510877 Thanks for that. I don't have a pre-reader for this story, so there will be mistakes like that. It doesn't help that I always lose my formatting pasting to fimfiction :facehoof: I'll fix that up soon, thanks again :twilightsmile:


I'm tracking this.

And yeah, the paragraphs are a bit long, but it's nothing I can't handle.

Prepare yourself for a track!


I must say, I like the writing style and Princess Cadence is exactly how I thought she would be like. Please continue. I think the chapter was very well written overall, can't wait for MOAR! :derpytongue2:

Amazing chapter! It really feels like the emotions are pouring out of my screen! Can't wait for the next one!

513010 Tis my writing goal :raritywink:


Cute!!! I dont regret following this story at all!

:twilightsmile: Keep up the great work!!!

I can't get enough of this! I think I may actually get cancer if you don't update this soon. :pinkiecrazy:

Very cheerful and legit sounding. It makes great sense that Cadence would learn from both of them along with Shining Armor just kinda appearing after some time. Or better yet, it would be interesting for Twilight to actually be the one to introduce them by having Cadence take her to the Royal Guard officer academy.

513078 You're close. He does show up quite unexpectedly.
513063 Aw, please don't say that. I lost my mom to that horrible disease... :(
I'm working on it now in any case.
513052 Glad you're enjoying :)

Gah! Sorry!
But really though, something bad will happen.

No pressure or anything.

This was very cute, seemed a bit rushed. I shall track it to see were it goes.

This is very good. It may be the best backstory theory I've found. Everything sounds like it could be canon. Tracked!

moar pls

This is nice and you should feel good.

Watching, favoriting, all that jazz :yay:

aww. silly filly won't lift her nose from the book. tracked.

514939 Oh there's plenty more of Twilight being a reclusive brat. I wasn't going to let Cadence off that easy. This filly is gonna make her work. XD

Yaaaay! I made the likes 40! Now we just need 2 more...

I am quite enjoyign this so far! I like how you portray Princess Celestia and knowing exactly what she's doing. Something that many fic writers don't seem to do right.

"The filly’s blank look immediately turned into a toothy grin emitting a small squeaking sound that I would have found adorable if I didn’t have the strange suspicion she was mocking me in some way."


"The heat beat down on my flanks from the particularly hot sun (thank you, auntie) in my struggle to catch up with the energetic young filly."

Lol. :trollestia:

"I grinned. “Gothcha.”"

I think that's a typo. Just pointing it out.

Looking forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

DAwwwwww! But I want mooooaaaarrr :applecry:

Wow, this is great! I love little!Twilight. In her defense, it's super annoying when you're trying to read and people keep talking to you . . . but on the other hand, clearly she needs to get out more!

I really feel for Cadence, too. First virtually locked away due to being an alicorn, now assigned babysitting duties she never asked for.

Our first try at playing together was going about as well as two ponies who had spent their lives in recluse could expect. Except for me that reclusiveness had been involuntary, and I was going to change that sad fate for this lonely little filly no matter what.
Seclusion is the word you're looking for in both these cases.

Otherwise, this is going real well. :twilightsmile:>>

Filly Twilight is so adorable.

I don't know why this is so captivating.

Oh hell, I know exactly why.

“Well, if we don’t know one, we’ll just have to make one up.” I announced, not having any idea of what I was getting myself into.

“Make one up?” she asked, doubtfully.

“Sure. How hard can it be?”

As a Game Designer, this was my reaction:

Cannot wait to see where this is going, I loved the backstory you gave to Cadance (and the Alicorns) probably the most believable and well developed fanon theories I've seen, looking forward to more chapters of this

I cried when I read this. Made me wish I had a cool babysitter like Cadence. Great job on the chapter.

*Le Sigh* You know the Pharmaceutical companies own my soul because of the insulin debt right. right:applecry:
..............Oh fuck it DAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW:pinkiehappy:

This is such a cute story. I will definitely read it to the end. :twilightsmile:

521884 Hey thanks for the help, but the word I did mean was 'recluse' it means a person (or filly pony in this case) who keeps to themselves. To be reclusive is the characterization of seclusion. Seclusion doesn't work as well for what I am trying to describe.

Glad everyone's enjoying it so far. With work being a pain this week the new chapter is taking longer but it will have Shining Armour finally so hope you can read it :twilightsmile:

Cute. Just cute. I was wondering how you'd introduce shining armor, and you did a pretty good job at it. Filly Twilight's just PRECIOUS though!

Edit: I am a 20 year old male and just referred to a cartoon pony as "precious" oh lord.

Ah, the old impact-induced-introduction. What a classic way to start a relationship. :twilightsmile:

:pinkiesad2: I need more and fast! Don't make me call Angel Bunny! :flutterrage:

hot damn that was adorable.

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