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Almost everypony has a soul mate, one they are destined to live with and love for all their days. They give their body, heart, and soul to each other. Rarely do soul mates ever change, but occasionally there is the twist of fate that happens.

During their escape from the crystal caverns, a lose rock manages to almost impale Twilight before Cadence pushes her out of the way and takes the blow. Seeing her foal sitter dying, Twilight uses all her magic to save Princess Cadence with a very dangerous spell. It is not without a consequence as she, unknowingly, gives her own life energy to Cadence, tearing up the soul bond between her brother and her foal sitter. Instead, it makes a new one: one between the two of them.

With Shining Armor’s own bond broken, it attaches itself to the closest being it can: Queen Chrysalis.

A fic I was given permission to write from Rated Ponystar

Featured 28/7/2014. A Booya! Then again 31/3/2015. What?:pinkiegasp::yay:

cover art a combination of pics from here and here.

Chapters (9)
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Twidance, nice.

Chryarmor, also nice. Almost as good as Chrysadance.

I want to know how it says one view but two likes.:trixieshiftright:

Neat! I look forward to more!:heart:

A pretty good start. My one piece of advice is that you use exclamation points too often. Those should be limited to dialogue, and only when the character is saying something *REALLY* forcefully. Other than that, you're doing well so far. Keep it up.

Neat, don't remember many Twidances.

Well, at least this time when the pairings switch it's not entirely inexplicable... although this seems like it's going to be much worse for Shining than it is for anyone else. I'd like to see something that can really pull this off well though, with both the frustration of the partners sudden switch (and possibly sexuality switch) and the trouble with Shining now basically forced into love with a sociopath.

The presence of a dark tag and not a comedy tag brings me hope the situation will be treated with the sort of gravity it deserves.

Good story. Have a like. Anyways I noticed a typo

Cadence cat die

it should be can't. Love the idea!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

It's an intriguing start to what is an interesting concept. I have three minor criticisms, which I hope will be taken constructively.

1. There are a couple of grammar slips, most notably in the first couple of lines:
'queen' and 'changelings' should be capitalised given it's a title.
The rhetorical question in the second paragraph should end in a question mark, and the line before could arguably be finished with an exclamation mark for emphasis.

2. While I'm aware it's a stylistic choice, I felt that the speed of the fic somewhat detracted from the drama; if you're going to use changing perspectives, then I would advise maybe elaborating a bit upon the internal thoughts of your characters and their emotional state, especially at the moments of high drama, such as Cadance's impaling, to really bring out the significance of the events.

3. I would personally avoid jumping back and forth between two different perspectives in the first section:

Twilight nodded. There was no way she was letting her brother be tricked into marrying a Changeling that wanted nothing but to use him for food. Cadance had explained everything.

It just clutters up the narrative a little, and there's no need for the switch in perspectives at this point; Twilight could have vocalised it if it needed to be said.

Oh, this is gonna be good.

This seems like it could be really good, it is certainly a premise I haven't seen before.

a few metres away, the three changelings who had been pretending to be the bridesmaids were now fighting over the wedding bouquet.

In A Canterlot Wedding, those were Cadence's actual bridesmaids that had been brainwashed, not Changelings

upvoted on concept.'

stuck on read later until more chapters are made, then will read.

Well....This will be quite something not seen before.
*Takes a seat with bowl of popcorn.*
Let me know when the show continues.:moustache:

Concept of Soul Mates with a tangible twist. Ok I'll follow :pinkiesmile:


author likes.

I can't wait for the next few chapters to see what damage Twilight had done. Also I wonder if Celestia will catch on to what she did and will she re-act that Twilight basically forced Cadence to be her soulmate and that she inadvertedly made Shining Armor and Queen Chrysilas soulmate:twilightsmile:

you sir get a favorite also watch out for wheels any body who gets this mangled reference gets a blue nothing!:derpytongue2:

Please. More

"This is the day everything changes."
If only you knew how true this is Chryssy ...

IMO , I think the most interesting reaction is going to be Chrysalis's . Shining and Candance already know what true love is while Chrysalis don't , and most likely don't even understand it's meaning (as she only considered love as a food source before) .
All in all , this is going to be fun.

Celestia, Celestia, Celestia. You ought to have known that forbidding Twilight from using a spell without explaining why, could possibly result in Twilight having to use it again someday. I hope this isn't a trollfic. I will be keeping an eye on this.

Now your just rubbing salt into da wound!:applecry::fluttercry::raritycry:

I've got to wonder how much power Chrysalis will get from love directed at her specificially and not the form she's wearing? If it's enough to make her act like a drunk, well, I can see her just collapsing to the floor and dropping her disguise, only to get a nuzzle from Shining Armor.

BOY, THE NEXT BIG FAMILY DINNER IS GOING TO BE AWKWARD!!! :rainbowlaugh: But I can also see Chrysalis standing with the Princesses against Tirek and proving that love hurts!

4766920 SHIP IT LIKE FED-EX! SHIP IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy::raritystarry:

WHEN'S THE NEXT CHAPTER?! :flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

Well then, this is a bit of a predicament. . . It's a very interesting premise. I'm curious to see where this will go.

My one question is, what happened to Twilight's own soulmate? If one's soulmate is bound to destiny then what happened to them? I know that at first it sounds like a little thing, but it's definitely some food for thought.


She didn't notice it at first because it was tied to her own hoof. :trollestia:


:facehoof: That wasn't clever nor was it funny.

The logical explanation is that now that pony is tied to whoever Chrysalis's soulmate was. Unless, of course, Twilight's spell continues to cascade, reassigning one bond after another, throwing the entire soulmate-verse into disarray, chaos, and eventual oblivion. Either way.

I'm gonna fave it to see how it goes.

4790820 Someone likes.watching Gonzo then

4803793 Well as you tell so do I, what's your favorite dub?

Interesting - have put on my watch list.

If this is a soulmates spell and not a love-switch spell, as other reviewers mentioned it does raise the question of who Twilight's original soulmate was, and what happened to them? Unless Twilight's original soulmate was Chrysalis, which would be pretty trippy. Or unless she never had one, and had originally been destined to never have another person like that.


it does raise the question of who Twilight's original soulmate was


I'm terribly sorry for that, I just wanted to be the first to post this. Even though I loathe Flash Sentry and any fics that portray him.

I suppose Flash was subsequently matched with someone that could compliment his personality... like an inanimate carbon rod.

4816191 you two make an interesting idea. i too am not fond of flash centry and the idea that i just ruined his chances with twi would be hilarious. it would also, strangely enough, along me to sort of work this with the cannon of Teatime on Hearts and Hooves day aside from the fac that shining and cadance are still together in it. still, it would explain flash's marefriend in it, since twi can't be his no more. sucked in, flash:trixieshiftright::trollestia:

4766920 while the second picture does make sense, the others do not. Cadance is still the crystal princess. chrysalis marrying shining will not change that and i doubt she'd be that happy when twilight became a princess.

the pic about Three's a Crowd could work, i suppose. though not quite the same way. that would have probably been them trying to get along and put the invasion behind them.

the pics with chrysalis wearing the crystal empire mane-style and shining tossing her however, make no sense.

Good lord, the next family reunion for the Sparkle Family is going to be AWKWARD!:rainbowlaugh:

hey, can you at least make it so that twilight doesn't instantly forgive everyone for leaving her? you know, give her some righteous anger directed towards those involved? i'm fine with everything working out in the end, but i really really hate it when she just pretends like it didn't happen.

I agree with the statment the sparkle family reuinon will be akward, but less so then if the hive didn't boot the changling queen out I don't think there is enough food in one place for that many beings.

4828060 YESSSSSSS! this story just got 20% cooler just from that.

4828055 considering the food for the changelings would've been the love from all around them, that's certain.

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