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The morning after the most memorable night of your life should always be used for reflection. Whether it is by yourself and your thoughts, or just the sweet nothings you speak to your amor. Love is always around and always commits some thought.

Based on the submitted picture by johnjoseco.

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Holy picture. Imma just say this. I was not interested much in the story, but the story image made me read it. And it was great.

Featured bar HO!

That image is old, I need to fix it.


Now:yay: that's a bachelor party.:yay:

See you on the featured section, my friend.

:pinkiehappy: The d'aww in this fic cannot be described in words. This is the Princess Cadence and Shining Armor fic I've been waiting for. Up-voted!

This is a nice short story. Thanks for this! :pinkiehappy:

541168 I'll fix that up right away.

Loved it.

One thing was bugging me though. 'Groo' is a term used on the wedding day, afterward it's just husband. Other than that, :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:/:yay::yay::yay::yay::yay:

Absolutely wonderful. Hope to see more from you soon.:twilightsmile:

i like it, it was just romance, no drawn out love story, no clop no tripple x ness to it it was just true and simple, almost pure.

Loved it :)

Keep good working!:pinkiehappy:

A great read. Just one problem I found, "she dreamingly watched her love breath softly in his slumber. " it should be breathe. But I really loved everything else about it; nice stream of consciousness, nice timing, nice prose.

somepony get this man a feature! :flutterrage:

541724 Oh come now. We all know I can't get a feature :twilightblush:

541761 when i first joined, something with 50 likes (or rather 50 5-star ratings) would be first spot in the list. oh how the times have changed :ajsleepy:

Es bueno. Muy beuno. Reflection fics are always pretty good

543579 I pride myself with a good reflection.

Very nice premise (And picture). I especially liked the little bit about Shining's mane, as I couldn't get out of my head what 542222 posted. A favorite for you, good brony. :twilightsmile:

545276 Picture courtesy of John Joseco


Oh, I was wondering who it was by. Thanks!

542222 Where's that adorable picture from, it's so cute! :heart:

545597 I posted it in the description. JJ was nice enough to give me the picture to use. Aren't I lucky?

Cute, I wish I found it sooner :twilightsmile:

What a lovely picture this story paints with all the fitting adjectives you use. Or.. wait... adjectives is the right word.. right? I have school in seven days and I've lost quite the amount of mental capacity.:rainbowlaugh:

Nice story, needs a proof read.

Good story, I think it's your birthday too? Happy birthday :twilightsmile:

Happy birthday! I read this about a month ago but didn't comment, but since it's your birthday I'll comment on it. Happy birthday!
I like this story, it was a nice quiet read and was quite refreshing to read a romance that was devoid of... certain types of content that seem to be prevalent in "romance" stories on this site. (I typically stay far from away anything tagged "romance" because of this, but I was correct in thinking you could do better.) It was interesting getting into Cadance's thoughts and the story was cute.

:D I liked this. It made me happy inside and out. Also, adorable nicknames for each other. Happy Birthday flinx.

You've done it again, Overlord. You've made a great story.
Except this isn't comedic.
I love it! FAV FOR YOU!
The only thing I don't like is some of the grammar.
I'd gladly edit this story; just send me a PM if you want more information.

Short, simple, and sweet. Absolutely perfect. Five stars.

Short but sweet. There is still unknowns about what happened between Shining and Chrysalis that could eat at Cadence. I am sure you could expand on the idea if you wanted to.

Ah yes...the beauty of a short story such as this. While I do enjoy a story that can go on for a while it is nice to take a step back and read such a wonderfully short story:twilightsmile:

IT'S SO FLUFFY!!! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::twilightsmile::yay:

Wow! that was sweet :pinkiesmile:
This is a good fic, and I'm gonna read it again :pinkiehappy:
I love how Cadence fought over those horrid emotions... I would of prefer more, but my thirst was quenched :twilightsmile:

I have thought of a scene to use for my contest entry... I hope you like it when its finished.

A nice little tale right here. Short, simple and to the point. I think what I liked most about it is that it covers the IMPACT of an event; as opposed to the event itself. Often those are the parts that affect characters the most as their minds process the previous events in a fresh mindset. So, it's very refreshing to see a story go into how the wedding affected their relationship after all was said and done.

Sorry if I went on a bit of a ramble there; the story got me thinking was all. A lovely little read is my final word on it. Here, have a fave :raritywink:

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