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When the world was young... When Equestria was nothing but an idea... When magic ruled as the sovereign power over earth and sky without equal... Therein was the hot weathering of mettle... And of metal. The very birth of Earth ponies greatest and most prideful discovery upon the elements of nature: Earth.

One-shot POV.

Art done by: Equestria-Prevails

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For once, I'm able to read super fast! lol

I've never come across this concept before, and I'm highly interested by the whole idea! I'ts very well told, too, which boosts the concept's appeal.

Sweet jesus!

THAT is fucking awesome.

~Skeeter The Lurker

On a side note... Why did I never get an indication this came out?

Or have you not yet clicked the publish button...?

~Skeeter The Lurker

3289522 It's not out yet. It's a sneaky one right now... I'll submit it tomorrow...


Ah. Ok.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Wow. Nice.
Not the type of story to read a second time, but definitely an effective read.

This was very good. It has earned an upvote and a fav from me.

You and your fucking ultimate paint brush of words. :scootangel:

Very interesting concept! Loved it, and it really gives a great alternate explanation for what Earth Ponies as a race have for a special talent.

PUNS! Flinx, I thank thee.

Well damn... I think I have something I need to reconsider, perhaps the Commonwealth should be more than just farmers. I have always thought more into what makes the Earth Ponies different, their innate connection to the land (there is a reason why Celestia is partial to Ponyville), but this.. this goes into far more than what I can think of. Thank you Milord.

Hmm... How to describe... For it's brevity and simplicity, kick-ass.

And now, ladies and gentlemen. Music, from Basil Poledouris:

GOLD is for the mistress - silver for the maid" -
Copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade! "
" Good! " said the Baron, sitting in his hall,
But Iron - Cold Iron - is master of them all."

I love it! Another great story!

Happy Birthday

this is amazing!! happy birthday overlord!

Okay, finally read this so now let's proceed with the "review": *ahem*
It is an interesting take on what means to be an earth pony on the multi-racial culture of Equestria:unsuresweetie:. I mean sure, pegasi are fast and unicorns are OP:ajbemused:, but there is no love for earth ponies:fluttercry:. Hell, people even forgets that Alicorns are supposed to embody all three races because there is no outstanding feature that was taken from earth ponies!:trollestia: The only thing they have to stand out is their actions, and even that is underrated.:ajsleepy: Kudos to you for diving us head in to this topic. GG Flinx, GG.:eeyup:

That was awesome, such an evocative and brilliant picture of such a unique and incredible world view, and I loved how much world and societal building came from it without being too overt irrelevant and the philosophy was fascinating and creative, I loved the lines pertaining to "a metal world" though I loved the whole thing really. Great fic.

Tears are for the craven, prayers are for the clown --
Halters for the silly neck that cannot keep a crown.
"As my loss is grievous, so my hope is small,
For Iron -- Cold Iron -- must be master of them all!"


Hmmmm... perhaps this shall be the one receiving a song.

3289494>>3289518>>3289549>>3289560>>3289606>>3289633>>3289963>>3290103>>3291023>>3291248>>3291267>>3291420>>3291528>>3292134>>3292407>>3292528>>3293192>>3293340>>3293529>>3295701>>3341463>>3493186 A QUESTION! What would you rather see... "The Millennia of Magi" or "The Time of Tyrants". Unicorn or Pegasi? Better question... Would you want this story continued?! Would you want Silver Bit made more!?

Time of Tyrants, Pegasi, and yes.
Continue if you can.

3553958 Continue?


I'd like to see more of this, yes.

~Skeeter The Lurker

3553958 The firt question... I have no clue... just woke up...

2nd question... hell yeah continue this

3553958 Yes! Please continue this! As for your other questions, I would say go Unicorn. I know everyone will jump to the conclusion that magic will make it super easy for them, but I want to see something unconventional, something unique. So exactly what your known for Flinx.
And on the title question, if its the Unicorn one, "The Millennia of Magi" sounds sweet.

First question: I don't really know. If both will be the same take as this story, but from the other races POV, then my answer is yes.

Second question: While this story works perfectly fine as it is, expanding the tale would be a good idea, so I'll yes too.

3553958 More Silver Bit, please.

Yes, please.

WHY WOULD YOU TEASE ME LIKE THIS. plz share:twilightsmile:

Hell yeah, I do! :yay:

I want to say yes...but no. No offense but you have a lot of incomplete stories. :applecry:

strength brought about by fire and steel? hell yes i want more

To hear the story of how an earth pony's strength is brought about by fire and metal? My inner industrialist cannot refuse.

Well... I listen~~~

img.pandawhale.com/56153-Finding-Nemo-this-is-going-to-rpFe.gif Would listen and will listen. So yes I do want to hear Silver Bits story.

Way too short. This felt like the prologue to a much larger story, not a one-shot.

IS this part of some larger universe? The story doesn't seem to indicate as such.

4946380 Who said it wasn't?

Yes, and also I like to believe that equestria's strongest metal is iron and that steel is immune to magic. Unicorns can kill what the can't even effect. Oh, gunpowder please.

Absolutely, I would love to hear it!

And yes, I would very much like to know Silver Bit's story. I imagine the introduction of metal goods would lead to a great deal of upheaval and strife. I'd like to see how she makes her way through it.

Love the way this short was written, it feels purposeful and powerful.

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