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This story is a sequel to The Age of Iron.

When the world was young... When Equestria was nothing but an idea... When the "Earth" had eclipsed the "Sky" and the "Snow" relished in itself... Therein was the forging of aid... And of "aide". The manifestation of land and sky's most time tested tool: Wind.

One-shot POV.

Art done by: Equestria-Prevails

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I like that saying she's got.

Badass, I think.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Wow, amazing. This is a good sequel. I especially liked how the character was should introduced. I like it. :moustache:

"Quiet is silver but silence is gold"

"Step softly and speak softer"

But you do what you do so others will do their dues in due time.

So... quotable...

Ok, this is really cool, but is Ironclaw a griffin or a pegasus? or did they used to be that same thing? My guess is the third since he's calling himself a pegasus but goes one about his talons. I suspect we may never know for sure, and I'm ok with that, it adds to the whole lost to the mists of time feel the story has.

I really like Iron Claw.

I am confused as to wether he is a Gryphon or a Pegasus. It is not clear. Talons but Pegasus? But it was still an awesome story.

Sounds like somebody is a little racist...

6059531 Everyone is a little racist.

And now I want more Griffin/hippogriff fics....

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