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This story is a sequel to The Age of Iron.

When the world was young... When Equestria was nothing but an idea... When control by another more powerful than the other reigned... Within that strain was the honing of magic... And of magi. The Unicorns most base and elevated gift upon the world: Unity.

One-shot POV.

Art done by: Equestria-Prevails

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I've been looking forward to a sequel of The Age of Iron for a while now! Thanks!
This sequel seems like it's setting up for something bigger. If it is, then I look forward to that too.

Oooo, not bad at all.

~Skeeter The Lurker

My Empress as well listens intently to these debates daily; her fingers caged against her cheek and chin rested upon her soft palm


Excellent world building. Just about every sentence gives added depth and characterization to the story.


Empress Megan?! :pinkiegasp:

Very interesting perspective on Sombra. Reminds me quite a bit of Emperor Palpatine.

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