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I write things. Pony things are among the things I write.

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Everfree Northwest · 7:41pm May 11th, 2017

It's a convention thing that you might have heard about on this site. I'll be around there this weekend, likely hanging around in Twilight's Writing Room in the afternoon. Feel free to say hello, or track me down and demand an update to No Plan Survives Contact.

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keep it poppin', CC

Just wondering but I'm not seeing anything on this so forgive me if you have answered this already. Do you have plans for another of the winds stories? (Winds of change, I'll winds) I found them to be very good stories and I'm wondering if it will continue on.

Can we please get a sequal to winds of change

Comment posted by NOT VIKTOR STRELNIKOV deleted Oct 16th, 2016

Take as much time as you need. We suffer a severe lack of CryLight fics as it is now, so I'd rather have a fic released a tad later, and released as a whole, rather than having 14 chapters in a span of a week, and then having the author burn out and never finish it.

Waiting not so patiently for a sequel!

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