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I love to read wach anime and mlp but i also listen to music.


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hi hi all it me again this time with my new look i hop it cool i do enjoy the wonderbolts also if u wish to talk to me anytime I'm on g+ (goggle plus) name there is sweetie belle i would of used the filly version of my oc but i got way to many adult gropes that i enjoy to much to do that. yes the glasses or gogels are off i want my eyes to be seen after all anyways. Much love and hopefully i gain some friends on my g+ avi i will post the link in my profile so do enjoy the finding of me.

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Are you a girl because I have girls only group if you want to join. (you can only join with an invite).

Hello tsunsu i slash the assassin would like to ask you for your picture character for another one of my novel's and she would look good as a princess so can I add her please sighed slash the assassin

Thank you for the Watch as well as favoriting the entire Soldier Series. :twilightsmile::twilightsmile:

Thanls for faving Daddy's Day and for following me!

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