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Story ideas lmao · 11:42pm Sep 17th, 2015

So, I've decided to start writing fics, but I have no ideas on any. So, I'd be happy to take requests and I'll see what I can do.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Thanks for the fave, m8!

1949302 Yeah, I like to try to stay busy, with writing stories and inventing plot-points and similar ideas.

Pen and paper is a good start, they can carry what you had in mind.

Personally, my stories are all over the site. Shipping, I do have a few stories and ships as well. I kind of follow canon, shipping anything that moves. I just try to avoid certain problems. If Canon-vers isn't supporting it, I need an excuse and situation where it isn't OC.
I even have a Sparity and a BluePie *giggles*
The ship needs to follow category, Romance is romantic. Friend is friendly. The crack really put the two at odds, while they still needs to stay to the end.

Blogs are mainly comments, note you post.

You could gather links to certain sites, just with a few comments and explanation?

1948247 Well I know you may be particularly busy, I'd like to ask you what you would like to see. I've got a pen and paper ready. Might see what kind of things you'd like to see? Some things you may like to read? Any particular favourite kind of shipping? (I know, I know. Lol.)
But I don't know how to do blogs. I'll just wait a little and see how everything goes.

1948201 Keeping important ideas in one place, such as on notes is always a good idea. I think this is one thing the blog could do for you. If you don't have pen and paper lying around.

When you have the time, just a few minutes would do just fine; just open a new blog and write down a few thoughts. Anything is acceptable. Just avoid breaking rules and laws in the process *giggles*
Gathering ideas about an upcoming story, while getting some extra marketing at the same time.
Bringing up ideas and thought on what-ever topic is fun. You just may get a few new friends and followers in the process as well.
Or you could post notifications about coming events, or past once you just been through. There are numerous possibilities and ideas here.

All I have is the PC(s) on which I am currently working, writing stories and replying to others comments, such as yours, right now.
If you have an idea, write it down as best you can. Then you can publish it, first chance you get.
Of course, in your current situation, you may consider being extra picky, when choosing the stories you write.

1936629 I'll take your advice and try a few ideas (obviously I'm gonna write them down and give some thought into story, characters, plot line, etc.)
I don't know about blogs because I've never done one before.
As for the computer thing, are you able to type up and post stories over a phone, or will it be infinitely easier to wait until I have access to a computer?

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