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I write commissions and sometimes write stuff I come up with too. Nuff said.

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  • 59 weeks
    Final chapter of Rumble with the Wonderbolts' main story is out

    As it says, the final chapter of the main, paid-for story of Rumble with the Wonderbolts is published. There will eventually be an epilogue for this story, which I will write for no payment, and that will be released...hopefully soon.

    Thanks to all of you who read through this whole story, and I hope you'll stick around for the epilogue and my future writing. Speaking of that, if you liked this story, I just published a new story with Rumble in it too! You can find it by clicking

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  • 59 weeks
    Next chapter of Rumble with the Wonderbolts out

    Hi, sorry this chapter's so late. Was writing and putting the finishing touches on my newest story. It also contains foalcon with Rumble, and if you're interested in checking it out, you can look at my other blog post from today, or just check my newest stories.

    Anyhow, back to Rumble rutting the Wonderbolts! It was Rainbow's turn now, right? Right.

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  • 59 weeks
    Another new fic?!

    Holy shit! I wrote another thing, this one for a contest! Check it out below!


    When her aunts leave her alone as they go on a vacation, Scootaloo invites Rumble to join her for a weekend of fun. What better dream could there be for a filly than spending a whole weekend alone at home with her coltfriend? Well, being in her first heat and having that coltfriend to help with it, I suppose.

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  • 59 weeks
    Next chapter of Rumble with the Wonderbolts out now (after all!)

    Thanks to a quick response and greenlight on the last-minute new content from the commissioner, I will be publishing the next chapter tonight, right now. Sorry for it being a little late, but I think the chapter's much better for the new addition.


    Now it's time for the main event, Rumble's first time with a mare. Will Rumble manage to satisfy Fleet, or will his lack of self-confidence and skill end in disappointment as he feared from the start? Read now to find out!

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  • 59 weeks
    No new chapter of Rumble tonight.

    Due to making a change in the next chapter and waiting for a green-light from the commissioner, and wanting this story to be as good as possible, I'll be postponing publishing the next chapter tonight. It should be out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay!

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Never stop investing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new. — Bob Parsons

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts — Winston Churchill

In order for a diamond to become ready for the world to see, it must have imperfections and jagged parts of itself taken off and must be cut with deep facets. In other words, a diamond cannot be truly beautiful, and show its true potential, until it has been broken and cut deep. — Unknown


Hello, I am LegionofPony and I have been a brony since about Febuary 2012. I am an avid fan of both the show and the fandom, and as of recently also a clop writer. I have a strong tendency to use technical and anatomically correct content in my stories, with most consisting of events lasting for multiple paragraphs and being highly detailed. I believe that the more detailed the scene is, the more a reader can visualize it in their minds, a goal of many authors.

As I am still only just getting into writing seriously, I'm still not the best at formatting or punctuation - and as such, I, like many literary artists, may leave some grammatically awkward bits in my stories. Sorry for this, but rest assured I'm constantly updating and improving my chapters upon re-reads, fixing mistakes or even sometimes adding new content.

On that note, if you see something wrong in one of my stories please feel free to comment about it or leave me a PM. I'm also looking for an editor to assist me in correcting my stories. If you are interested, please PM me.

I should also add that I tend to be rather lax about updating my existing stories and may add more new, partial stories while leaving older ones on a back burner. This is just my writing style, and I promise the existing stories will be updated/finished one day. Just because I stop writing on them for a while doesn't mean they're forgotten, I promise.

Many of my stories also contain pretty fetishistic content (though mild in the grand scheme of things; aka NEVER 'hard core' fetishes like scat, vore, rape, gore-sex, etc.), and such will be listed on the story page itself under a spoiler band. If you are easily affected by certain fetishes, please use viewer discretion upon reading my stories.

With all that, please enjoy my user page/stories. Allons y sur une aventure sexy!


I am accepting paid commissions. Please view the blog post I made for further details if interested in commissioning me: Accepting Commissions


If you enjoy my writing and would like to show it, please consider buying me a coffee!

Thank you in advance to any generous souls who do choose to support me!

If you cannot or choose not to give tips or commission me, thank you anyway for reading my stories and for your kind comments and support! If you don't even read my stories, thanks for at least visiting my profile and reading all of this! :D


Active Slots (in progress. Please note that stories will be worked on in priority from first slot to bottom slot, in that order.):

First Slot: ronny566 (Finished, waiting on final payment.)

Second Slot: <empty>

Third Slot: <empty>

Queue (to be done after an 'active slot' commission is finished and opens up; priority given from top to bottom):

First Slot: Firefox Lantern

Second Slot: Lanxide

Third Slot: Fantom K

Fourth Slot: Dawn-heart

Fifth Slot: empty

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Anytime, you deserve it! 😇💖

Happy New Year! 🎉

A merry Christmas to you too.

Commissions are still open, right?

I personally hope you write it because that ending was so cliffy...
Otherwise keep up the great writing

Don't know, maybe. Had some ideas written down for it, but don't know if it'll ever go beyond some basic ideas written on a document years ago.

Forgotten destiny

Will there be a sequel?

Hi There! Just recognized you, as i Read some of your Stories before. The soarindash and pip with Nightmare Moon to be exact. The latter came in Handy for myself, due to the familiar Stories i mentioned in the Comment

Hello LegionofPony.

I am a big fan of your stories.
Misguided Love and Sunburst's Flurried Heart are my favorites.

Could you please make a FilthyJack fanfic?

You are very talented.
Thanks for your efforts.
Have a nice day :)

Thanks Pinkie, you're awesome too!

*Pinkie pie jumps out the bushes from behind and gives you a hug. Her heated breath whispers in your ear.*
"You're an awesome pony."
*Then she falls back into the bushes and disappears.*


Yeah, but in battle, pikes are pretty much useless if you don't have shields.

Well, the ones in the back have what look like pikes, and it's probably more of a ceremonial meeting than a combat regiment given the general lack of weapons.

Just something I notice about your profile picture: Where the fuck are their weapons? They're just standing around with no weapons? Sure, there are some spears in the background, but damn...Is the Royal Guard that underfunded? No wonder they lost the invasion of Canterlot.

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