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I write commissions and sometimes write stuff I come up with too. Nuff said.

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  • 10 weeks
    New Story Has Been Released!

    Hey y'all. Just letting you know the first book is live now, and can be found at the following link:



    ~ ~ ~

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  • 10 weeks
    New Story Series Coming Soon!

    Hey y'all, been a while! Burnout sucks. Anyways, just letting ya know that I'm not dead, and in fact have another series of stories coming soon that have been in development for several months at this point. They will be separate stories based on the same central plot anthology-style a la 'Destiny of a Forgotten Goddess', and will be released as separate shorter stories (books) instead of collectively as chapters in one huge story.

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  • 95 weeks
    Another new story! (Now Live)

    Hey y'all, just letting you know I have another new story in the auto-approve queue. It should be live soon! Hope you enjoy it!


    It's the Cake twins' birthday, and Pinkie decides to give Pound a special gift on his birthday: a mare in heat to release his adolescent urges into, and to quell her own desires too. But when Pumpkin catches them in the act, how ever will Pinkie resolve the issue?

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  • 97 weeks
    New Story! (RELEASED)

    After a very long time in the making, a new story is in the auto-approve queue, and should be showing up any moment! Keep an eye out, and enjoy when it does pop up! (It's available for reading now and tagged.)


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  • 107 weeks
    New Double Feature Stories!

    So, I decided to participate in the Incest is Wincest Double Trouble contest, and gave two submissions to Shakespearicles' contest.

    The first one can be found here:


    The second one can be found here:



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Brief Bio and User/Story Info

Never stop investing. Never stop improving. Never stop doing something new. — Bob Parsons

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts — Winston Churchill

In order for a diamond to become ready for the world to see, it must have imperfections and jagged parts of itself taken off and must be cut with deep facets. In other words, a diamond cannot be truly beautiful, and show its true potential, until it has been broken and cut deep. — Unknown


Hello, I am LegionofPony and I have been a brony since about Febuary 2012. I am an avid fan of both the show and the fandom, and as of recently also a clop writer. I have a strong tendency to use technical and anatomically correct content in my stories, with most consisting of events lasting for multiple paragraphs and being highly detailed. I believe that the more detailed the scene is, the more a reader can visualize it in their minds, a goal of many authors.

As I am still only just getting into writing seriously, I'm still not the best at formatting or punctuation - and as such, I, like many literary artists, may leave some grammatically awkward bits in my stories. Sorry for this, but rest assured I'm constantly updating and improving my chapters upon re-reads, fixing mistakes or even sometimes adding new content.

On that note, if you see something wrong in one of my stories please feel free to comment about it or leave me a PM. I'm also looking for an editor to assist me in correcting my stories. If you are interested, please PM me.

I should also add that I tend to be rather lax about updating my existing stories and may add more new, partial stories while leaving older ones on a back burner. This is just my writing style, and I promise the existing stories will be updated/finished one day. Just because I stop writing on them for a while doesn't mean they're forgotten, I promise.

Many of my stories also contain pretty fetishistic content (though mild in the grand scheme of things; aka NEVER 'hard core' fetishes like scat, vore, rape, gore-sex, etc.), and such will be listed on the story page itself under a spoiler band. If you are easily affected by certain fetishes, please use viewer discretion upon reading my stories.

With all that, please enjoy my user page/stories. Allons y sur une aventure sexy!


I am accepting paid commissions. Please view the blog post I made for further details if interested in commissioning me: Accepting Commissions. (I have a long queue right now, fair warning! See below for details.)


If you enjoy my writing and would like to show it, please consider buying me a coffee!

Thank you in advance to any generous souls who do choose to support me!

If you cannot or choose not to give tips or commission me, thank you anyway for reading my stories and for your kind comments and support! If you don't even read my stories, thanks for at least visiting my profile and reading all of this! :D


Active Slots (in progress. Please note that stories will be worked on in priority from first slot to bottom slot, in that order.):

First Slot: Firefox Lantern

Second Slot: Sparkle Fire

Queue (to be done after an 'active slot' commission is finished and opens up; priority given from top to bottom):


Second Slot: Dawn-heart AWAITING RESPONSE

Third Slot: Smartyvoy

Fourth Slot: MagnumBuckshot

Fifth Slot: Lanxide

Sixth Slot: Drathus

Seventh Slot: <Empty>

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Hey, hope you're doing alright

Thanks for the watch, I assume you read a fic I wrote.

Thanks for the follow! :twilightsmile:

I join the Legion and ally My self with the Legion of Pone! Enuff Z'Nuff :raritywink:

You're welcome for the follow.

I look forward to the next story you do

Ooh! This may be the first time I've been followed by someone with so many stories I like. Thanks for taking an interest in me, and for all the entertainment. May we continue to produce for as long as possible.

Thanks for the watch. :twilightsmile:

Sorry you didn't get an answer. Their profile links to a blog post with pretty (edit: clear) instructions, but profile notes don't seem to show up in mobile mode. If you're looking for writers' commission information from a phone, you generally want to select "Desktop site" or the equivalent on your browser's menu.

Of course, that'll also show you how long their backlog is. You can also see the unanswered questions below yours. I've been waiting had to wait 11 months for a PM reply myself.

You mentioned discord server; do you know what it is called or how I could find it on discord?

Hey, how would i go about contacting you for commissions?

Comment posted by MrBroniac deleted Oct 17th, 2022

I do not have a Discord server, sorry. You need to be more specific to 'my stories', as i write a variety of kinks. But you can probably find either impreg, incest, or foalcon public groups on there with a search. I know the 'incest is wincest' group has a discord, if that helps.

Do you have any sort of discord server where one can contact you? Or know of any server that share similar interests as in your stories?

Hey, thanks for the follow!

Any new updates or info?

Comment posted by 23 KM To Nerdiness deleted Sep 24th, 2021
Comment posted by 23 KM To Nerdiness deleted Sep 24th, 2021
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