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I'm just here viewing my favorite fics.

Type of clopfic I'm interested in

To the poor soul happened to come across this page

what kinds of stories (clop specifically) are you interested in, but that aren't being written?

There's quite a few that I've been in the mood for but there's always a lack of content or I've read over multiple of times. I assure you if I can write I would've done this myself years ago.
Also please note that I don't read anthro stories and anything involving humans

-I would love to see more rule63 stuff (m/m)
-Discord (m/m preferred but not required)
-Cock, anal, and vaginal vore
-More foalcon stories that doesn't have any of the CMC (for the love of god if I read another foalcon story with the CMC tag I'm leaving this place at least a week)
-Beastility (Such as pony x diamond dog)
-More of those forgotten characters
-Literally any other sex position that isn't doggy style
-foals with futa
-More incest stories that isn't Twilight x Shining, Applejack x Big Mac, and Sweetie Bell x Rarity. You know how many Diamond Tiara x Filthy Rich stories are out there? Maybe like two
-More Fizzle x Spike
-And for the love of god more urethral fetish (that include sounding)

For those who's looking for ideas for a story don't be afraid to hit me up.

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Yeah we definitely need more of that for sure. I did come up a few rule63 stories myself. If you're interested I can pitch you a few ideas and go from there.

Also, I appreciate your favorite. Thanks!

Rule 63 M/M definitely needs more attention. I've been considering writing one since that sort of thing interests me. Seeing the characters as stallions is definitely better and it needs clop. I just don't know which characters to do specifically cause there's so many!

I really do wanna see more rule 63 M/M. I might even do a gangbang type story not sure. I kinda wanna do it where they get turned into stallions then it carries on.

It's worth checking it out now. Way better than the anime.

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