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hello lovelies, here are some more story ideas and generally what to expect · 1:46am Apr 28th, 2014

i thought this might be a good idea, because while I'm sure a number of you are familiar with Me from other sites, some of you aren't. so hi, I'm Hellticket, hella kinky gross girl who really wants the purple alicorn and purple dragon to bone

i like consent and kink and weird shit, i don't really like rape or weaponized sex also I hate sparity jsyk

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Hellticket, watcha doin...Have you abandoned us?
Come back soon!

Well....I've yet to see any clop involving the Wolf equivalent of Ursa Majors/minors....Anatomically correct of course.

Awww yess, another place to follow Hellticket! :pinkiehappy:

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