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Stuff About Me & What I'm Doing

Now that I've figured out how to use this Custom Box, I can finally put my BIO back on here. not sure why it couldn't stay just under our user names though...

umm....Well, I'll say that I'm an author from sofurry.com that discovered that I'm more than just a furry.

Turns out that I'm a Furry at heart;
A Whovian that yearns for more;
an Otaku with many faves;
& after watching the first 2 episodes out of curiosity, I can say that I'm a Brony.

After those first 2 episodes, I couldn't stop there. I had ta know more about the show itself, what kinda show it was made ta be, & what kind of characters the show had ta offer. I fell in love with the characters after episode 5, & from there I've seen every episode there is. I couldn't stop there though, I had ta know more about the characters. As in, who they are? what they could be? what kinda character they could've been? how could they be changed without changing them?

As you can probably see, it turned into a small obsession. I'm the same way with Furry stories, but I've recently been trying ta combine the 2 together. I'm hoping my main story series on Sofurry will pull it off nicely. "The Hitchhikers" and "The Guardians of Equestria" are the only 2 stories in the series at the moment. I haven't added the word "book" to their name yet, so I guess this will help with that.

Below this are the links of my main Sofurry series so far. The stories are basically a book for each one that goes in the series. I'll have numbers telling you which book they are, but if it doesn't have a name or link beside the number, then I don't have anything posted online for that particular book just yet. I'm hoping to have book 4 here on fimfiction sometime, but haven't reedited it in hopes of it passing moderation yet. If you see that a chapter seems to be missing such as chapters 2 and 4 can be seen but chapter 3 isn't there, its probably because its an adult chapter...

Book 1 -
Book 2 -
Book 3 - The Hitchhikers
Book 4 - The Guardians of Equestria
Book 5 -

If ya want ta know more, you can look at my blog posts. I also have many web-accounts if you want to know more. Links to all of my online stuff can be found at the bottom of my youtube "about" page. Here are links to three of my web-pages (youtube included). These three pages, along with fimfiction, are the ones that get the most traffic though. Enjoy <(^_^)>




Update 5/15/2018 · 5:32am May 15th, 2018

Update 5/15/2018

Can't believe how much time has past since my last update...
Easiest way to say things is that alot of crap happened...
I've been trying to reorganize stuff.
Still haven't faved stuff for both Sofurry or Fimfiction just yet.
...Realized just now that Sofurry had some server issues, so the submission list of stuff I haven't
looked at that people have posted while I was busy, is now a list of just under 500.

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