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Hello and welcome to the official M/M story group! Are you a coltcuddler, or just enjoy the writing? Well then, you have come to the right place!

Submission Guidelines:

1: Stories that are submitted must be pure M/M (or close enough to it) For example: A 22-chapter story with only one chapter of M/M is not fit for this group.
2: Please add to the proper folder.
3: We have specific folders listed below!
Soarin x Braeburn - SoarBurn Fanfiction
Big Macintosh x Caramel - Caramac Fanfiction
Clopfics - All Stories with Explicit Content goes here. NEW SUBFOLDERS!
Rule 63 - "Genderbent" M/M Parings
Obscure Parings - Any Paring Not Listed Above
Original Character Parings - OC Parings.

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there should be a male human x male pony folder

Question, comments, concerns?

lol I ask my customers that every time and their blank stare never gets old.
"Uh my only concern is that it was loud"...
That it was ma'am.

No Sombra x Sunburst..?

I'll fuck anything with a nice butt.

I am home. 😍

Hmm... what happened to the original banner? S'now just a picture of.... birbs.

Or rather, their residence. Within the radius of a famed pegasus' house.

409080 Oh, hehe, yea I fixed that a while ago, sorry. I had to go in and change my settings in order to see the M rated stuff.


Could be a ratings block; can you only see Everyone and Teen-rated things?

I identify as Bi but I'm closer to gay than straight

It seems I am unable to see all the stories, I click on some said' category that has around 250 stories in it but only see around 10, wat.

Hey guys, currently I'm writing thre stories: in one older Spike travels to a Genderbent Equestria and has some fun shenanigans with Elusive and Dusk Shine. The second one takes place in the Equestria Girls Universe: after waiting for Twilight way too much Flash finds relief in the strong arms of Big Macintosh. Yeah, a lot of people hate Flash but I love him both human and horse. The third one is a love story about Shining Armor's life in the Royal Guard and his adventures with Soarin' and Big Macintosh before he married Cadence.

I am absolutely baffled, shocked even!

Why have there been NO Double Diamond x Party Favour fanfics yet?

Also, on this note, that season premiere and the ship fuel from it was what basically pushed me that tiny bit more into joining this group.

So... hello, everyone.

How're you all doing today? Please blithely ignore this name I have. :pinkiehappy:

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


It's not just you, I am too. Although, I haven't seen very many gay people in this group for some reason.

389049 Why no that's a perfectly acceptable reason, groups like these show that our fandom is diverse and doesn't judge. Why just look at me for that example I'm a psychotic bisexual Brit and my 64 followers don't mind at all :derpytongue2: :pinkiecrazy: if i'm to be honest I think that's part of the reason I have so many while I have zero stories :rainbowlaugh: but anyhoo no it is not bad that this group is the reason you came back

Is it bad to say that this group is the reason that I returned to the brony fandom? :rainbowhuh:

Welly welly well well well...

A group that knows what I like!....

379873 Hm.. Alright I will keep my eye on you, I would love to see your work!

352766 I'm Bi, but I mostly love Stallions still. I have a crush on Shining Armor.:rainbowkiss::heart:

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