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Retired Writer? Hmm...we will see...

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IT...IS...HERE · 3:35am Mar 2nd, 2015

My story was approved. The story that brings me out of "retirement" to once again, write about the most fucked up shit ever thought up and laugh about it. Once again...I am alive!

Ok. Now that I'm done with all that over dramatic bs, read my story:

Scootaloo Learns To Fly

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891928 :derpyderp1: I wonder why your PMs are not working. Maybe you should tell knighty about that.

833851 Yes I added your story to my favorites. Did you not get a notification? Doesn't matter if you did or didn't. All that matters is you have a story about Lyra and I love stories about Lyra. (That's why I wrote one) :trixieshiftright:


Thanks for the watch...omg I just popped your comment cherry :yay:

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