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Drinking game: Take everytime a shot when you see a human tag in stories:ajbemused:

412514 Yes! Definitely yes! That will be so like the series finale of the On a Cross and Arrow series~ <3 <3

any spike x barb clopfic?

410742 dang it, ah well...
Hehe, Bluebell..... I'd tap that, put that bitch in her place

410740 thanks, but I found a r63 Story a while ago with the name in it, but thanks for the message.

what do you call an R63 Prince Blueblood?

370041 1. I did read that wrong.
2. Your picture matches your comment excellently.

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


Oh hey, cool, my story gets added like a couple hours after I join the group, woohoo!

This group has alot more members than storys

need more storys of 63 equestria and have a female or male turn female in equestria, but hold up now how about this they aren't pony or human. like we need more of those, I mean not the 63 equestria thing but the human turn pony or just human in general. how about a Draconequus or a griffin or even a zebra that know how to make potions. I would do it but my story writing is bad.

372821 What do you need help with ??

372802 i'm actually working on it with someone if you want to help that be great

364738 I do not mind doing it :3

370276 I'm working on my fic now.

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