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Hi, I'm new here

Comment posted by Shadow wolf007 deleted Dec 19th, 2017
Comment posted by Shadow wolf007 deleted Dec 19th, 2017

your welcome. I just think of them

Thanks, I used it on a story.

What is a good name for r63 Braeburn??


Hmmm...... How about Stardust Shine

What could be a good rule 63 name for Starlight Glimmer?

Drinking game: Take everytime a shot when you see a human tag in stories:ajbemused:

412514 Yes! Definitely yes! That will be so like the series finale of the On a Cross and Arrow series~ <3 <3

any spike x barb clopfic?

410742 dang it, ah well...
Hehe, Bluebell..... I'd tap that, put that bitch in her place

410740 thanks, but I found a r63 Story a while ago with the name in it, but thanks for the message.

what do you call an R63 Prince Blueblood?

370041 1. I did read that wrong.
2. Your picture matches your comment excellently.

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests


  • Viewing 116 - 135 of 135
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