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A guy who did pony stuff at one point.

Hi, I'm Alexstrazsa, and I do did more things than I probably should have in this fandom. These things include, but are not limited to:

- Creator of 300 Ponies
- Nicolas Cage enthusiast
- Sworn nemesis of both Chromosome and Stonershy
- The People's Champion

- Pre-reader for Equestria Daily
- Co-manager of the EQD Fanfiction Inbox
- (Fan-fiction) Author
- Moderator on FimFiction
- Founder of Bronies For Rice
- Founder of WTF, Pony Fanfiction
- Contributor to Shit Pre-readers Say
- Founder/Administrator of Canterlot's Finest
- Founder of Equestrian Dictionary
- Creator of Ask Rainbow Blitz
- Founder/Artist of Ask Vinyl Scratched

If for some reason you want to donate to me, send money to jiggster9021@gmail.com.


Contrary to popular belief, I am not dead. · 8:55am May 5th, 2021

Yo, what's up everyone? How's it going. I'm here with my... what year is it? Ah, yes, 2021.

I'm here with my annual blog post, because let's be real, I've been disconnected from this fandom since like 2016. But I was digging through a lot of old screenshots I had, and had a lot of fond memories of my time in the MLP fandom.

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holy fucking shit I completely forgot about that (two identical both sadly lost :fluttercry: ) fucking hat

Author Interviewer

the world will never know :B

I don't read a lot of your stories because I run away from unpleasant things even if they're important, but you certainly are one of the authors I most look look up to on this site, and comments like this show why in part: you are so elegant while being ribald at the same time and I greatly admire that.

This video is unavailable :((((

  • Viewing 800 - 809 of 809
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