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A guy who did pony stuff at one point.

Hi, I'm Alexstrazsa, and I do did more things than I probably should have in this fandom. These things include, but are not limited to:

- Creator of 300 Ponies
- Nicolas Cage enthusiast
- Sworn nemesis of both Chromosome and Stonershy
- The People's Champion

- Pre-reader for Equestria Daily
- Co-manager of the EQD Fanfiction Inbox
- (Fan-fiction) Author
- Moderator on FimFiction
- Founder of Bronies For Rice
- Founder of WTF, Pony Fanfiction
- Contributor to Shit Pre-readers Say
- Founder/Administrator of Canterlot's Finest
- Founder of Equestrian Dictionary
- Creator of Ask Rainbow Blitz
- Founder/Artist of Ask Vinyl Scratched

If for some reason you want to donate to me, send money to jiggster9021@gmail.com.


Sales Sales SALES · 12:31am January 11th

Hey all, back again peddling my merchandise. I've added some items since the last blog post.

We've got:

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Hello, Alexstrazsa, I'm a new fimfiction member that joined just a little over a month ago:scootangel:. I was wondering, if it was alright with you, if i submitted my story in yout group folders? Please:pinkiesad2:?


You're a potato.

Quick question. Recently a lot of my library stories newest chapters don't show that they have been read, leaving more and more 'unread' chapters that I have actually read.

Why is that?

Excuse me are you Nicholas Cage?, I am Chazkopa, and I need your help.

I am trying to create Cutie Mark Crusaders 10k group but it said here that you can't create any more modules of this type.

The Psychopath told me where to find you and he also told me you a moderator.

Please that is all I ask.

2376061 I may a bit late to the party and I don't know if you got an answer to your question or not, but I'll give you one anyway.

Here's how it works as far as I know. If you comment on the second of five chapters and someone replies to your comment on the main page, your comment will always be listed on the fifth page (assuming there is only five chapters) because the way the site works is it treats as though commenting on the main page of the story is on the most recently published chapter. If it's the lack of a notification you're on about, then you actually have to go into the chapter to reply to the comment for a notification to show up.

Is there any chance of WTF, Pony Fanfiction being updated again?

Not sure if this has been asked before, but... why is it that, if you comment on a chapter of a story, and someone else replies to your comment in another chapter of the same story (probably because they just reply to it in the main page of the story, which adds it to the comments of the latest chapter), I don't get a notice of it?

Like, say a story has 5 chapters. I put a comment on the second chapter, and when someone replies to it in the main page, that reply is added to the comments on chapter five, and I don't get a notice that someone replied. Is there some way to prevent this, beside going through all the comments on a story?

Hay, out of curiosity, what happens if some one else uses your OCs and or self created lore with out the creators permission?

I ask this because I don't want anyone stealing my ideas.

2344264 Would you like it via cannon or orbital strike?

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