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A guy who did pony stuff at one point.

Hi, I'm Alexstrazsa, and I do did more things than I probably should have in this fandom. These things include, but are not limited to:

- Nicolas Cage enthusiast
- Sworn nemesis of both Chromosome and Stonershy
- The People's Champion

- Creator of 300 Ponies
- Pre-reader for Equestria Daily
- Co-manager of the EQD Fanfiction Inbox
- (Fan-fiction) Author
- Moderator on FimFiction
- Founder of Bronies For Rice
- Founder of WTF, Pony Fanfiction
- Contributor to Shit Pre-readers Say
- Founder/Administrator of Canterlot's Finest
- Founder of Equestrian Dictionary
- Creator of Ask Rainbow Blitz
- Founder/Artist of Ask Vinyl Scratched


In Retrospect: Feeling the Beat / Equestrian Hearts · 5:36am June 26th

Welcome, one and all, to the third edition of In Retrospect, in which a washed up fanfic author reviews his ten year old stories!

Join me as I relive the past, review my past work, give commentary, and desperately try to remember what I possibly could've been thinking at the time when I wrote this stuff! I barely remember any of this, and neither do you, probably! Get ready for today's issue, as we cover Feeling the Beat and Equestrian Hearts!

Let's dive right in.

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holy fucking shit I completely forgot about that (two identical both sadly lost :fluttercry: ) fucking hat

Author Interviewer

the world will never know :B

I don't read a lot of your stories because I run away from unpleasant things even if they're important, but you certainly are one of the authors I most look look up to on this site, and comments like this show why in part: you are so elegant while being ribald at the same time and I greatly admire that.

This video is unavailable :((((

  • Viewing 800 - 809 of 809
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