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I sails the Seven Salty Seas on a ship made out o' rubbers! I writes porn and porn alone, but only when 'tis funny! Avast and ahoy, mateys, watch yer backsides, we've stormy waters ahead! ARRRRR!

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We sails into stormy seas! · 7:31pm June 18th

Yarr, mateys, welcome to a new round o' clopfic theater!

Well, 'cept this one ain't too cloppy, if'n I'm bein' honest.

And, err, if'n ye liked Sunset's Stash fer the funny bits, well... This has some of those, don't ye be gettin' me wrong now, matey! But mostly, this here story's like a comedy, if'n it only had one joke and the punchline were, "This ain't funny."

It do have some shippin', though, and that's always a good time.

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Oh, there be plenty o' booty 'round these parts, matey. :3

okay what about any booty?

Arr ha-ha-harr, harr, yarr-de-harr-harr!

Err, no. :/

have you found any treasure yet?

  • Viewing 38 - 42 of 42
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