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Success at Failing! New Story Instead of Update · 10:27pm Sep 16th, 2012

Ok, so I got an idea that I wanted to write. A story that combines time travel humor, mind games and silly foreshadowing. A story with only one character, consisting mostly of dalogue. What do you mean, "it's contradictory"?

I probably shouldn't have put it up for checking now.... If I released it after I got a few more followers, it could be my best shot at reaching the featured box, since it's the type of low-brow stuff that seems to enjoy mayfly romances with people who read anything with a silly description and give easy thumbs up. OTL

I think the fic could have been better if I invested more time than only five hours, but on the other hand, I would feel even worse for 'cheating' on those who follow my other fic, if this weren't a one-night stand.

That reminds me. I'll have to write some more of the other fic. Maybe tomorrow - it's well past midnght.

Hooray for productive procrastination!

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