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I stumbled into a strange, friendly world where I was oddly drowning in ponies and other small, sparkling equines.


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The Fillystata Trilogy

  • Fillystata At a fair held in the town of Dappleshore, Twilight stumbles upon something from her family's past and is drawn to investigate. But will she succumb to its sinister influence, and can Trixie and Luna set their differences aside to help her? by adcoon 36,992 words · 2,453 views · 144 likes · 16 dislikes
  • Mare in the Mirror Trixie is haunted by nightmares and begins to question if she let Twilight down in Dappleshore. When her dreams filter through to the waking world, Trixie scrambles for answers. How far will it take her, and can she face the mare in the mirror? by adcoon 89,918 words · 1,175 views · 76 likes · 4 dislikes

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Endings and Beginnings · 12:14pm September 18th

Hey'all. Once again it's been embarrassingly long.

Let's just get the worst news out of the way: I've decided this is it for Uniformity. I'm not going to finish it. It's officially dead. After this long most people probably assumed it was dead anyway, even with the update a few months ago. I had honestly hoped, and I've kept meaning to sit down and wrap it up, but honestly I doubt it would have happened anytime soon. Sometimes you just have to move on, even if it's sad :applecry:

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You're welcome. It's in dire need of an update, to be honest

It got most of its views and faves back on dA, long before I joined FiMFic. I don't think FiMFic even existed yet when it was first featured on EqD. Sadly, it never got the same attention here, not even after an update and a second time on EqD. Somehow, nothing seems to change that.

And yet, I think it's criminally under-viewed.:pinkiegasp:

I think adding it to my page/feature bookshelf might help that. :D

Aw, I'm glad to hear it :twilightsmile: It's still hard to believe where that story took me, as well. I never expected it to get as much attention as it did.

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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