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A New Hope · 4:59pm October 21st

Someone made a suggestion in my last post, and it was a good suggestion, so without further ado:

Now that I'm not going to finish Uniformity myself, if anyone feels like taking a stab at writing their own vision of how it ends, you're all very welcome. Go nuts. And even better, if I love what you write, I may just make it the official ending (but no promises!) Or maybe we'll have a vote[/overly optimistic].

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You're welcome. It's in dire need of an update, to be honest

It got most of its views and faves back on dA, long before I joined FiMFic. I don't think FiMFic even existed yet when it was first featured on EqD. Sadly, it never got the same attention here, not even after an update and a second time on EqD. Somehow, nothing seems to change that.

And yet, I think it's criminally under-viewed.:pinkiegasp:

I think adding it to my page/feature bookshelf might help that. :D

Aw, I'm glad to hear it :twilightsmile: It's still hard to believe where that story took me, as well. I never expected it to get as much attention as it did.

  • Viewing 39 - 43 of 43
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