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Dash The Stampede

That crazy girl that writes random comedies, detailed inanimate transformations, and sad/dark heartwrenchers. $$60,000,000,000 says you can't catch me! I'm the Equestrianoid Typhoon! Peace and Love!

So... Beautiful...

They call me Dash, I write ponyfics and poems. I'm not sure what else to write, but might I interest you in a Tia Pet?
I also moderate the Balloon Ponies Group!
Swooty Bell best pone

TwistedSpectrum: Each of your story topics is more random than the last :rainbowhuh:
But that keeps it interesting ^_^
Cerulean Voice: First T-T-T-Tia!, now Peach-Pocalypse...You're a monster. A terrible, hilarious monster.

Yes. Yes I am.
Hereby Dubbed:
His Majesty the Peach King of Fimfiction!

Fine folks whose hoers-words I have graced with eyeballs of correction.


Closets are dark. And lonely. I think it's time I left it then. · 4:40am Jul 17th, 2017

Hey guys, it's been a while, how's everyone doing?

Good to hear, but hey, pull up a chair, I got something to get off my chest, and it's something I want to share with all of you.:pinkiehappy:

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Considering I've largely lost the flame for writing in the community, I'd notify next of kin.

But I do plan on eventually finishing Ghost Town, if it takes me five years, so be it :V

As an absolute "Trigun" fan (and Dashie lover), I have to tell you that I'm in love with your user name :raritywink:

What of friendship is. . . Disintegration'?


Oh man what have I done?

  • Viewing 154 - 158 of 158
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