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The Best Authors is a group of tru gangsta, pro, stoner, major league authors who make the best sad tragedies, super awesome military fics, and grimdark slasher horrors. Occasionally, they'll also review some of the fics written by all you filthy scrubs.

Write it big, authors!

Also, if you enjoy our method and would like to see more of it in the same vein, except with video games, you may want to check out these guys: (link)

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Hello Me, It's me again, just doing the 2021 check-in, Still dead, see you in 2022

this group is super dead.


if u cant figure it out then ur a scrub and you shudd feel bad :trixieshiftleft:

None of the stories described are the kind of Fanfictions great authors would write. Either the description is wrong, or none of these authors are actually anything remotely close to "the best".

I'm better than the best authors.
This group displeases me.


dem scrubz be piling up

Also: stupid FimFic doesn't notify me about these... :facehoof:

And here we see one of Fimficrion's many trendy groups: The Best Authors, the name of which is entirely self-explanatory.
Congratulations! This group was found to be fresh. With that, a listing in New Groups was secured for it.

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