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Welcome, all, to the Las Pegasus Tribune's official Fiction Illumination group for! Here, you will find all of the stories that I (Cerulean Voice aka Adrenaline) have personally featured on the LPT page. This is a group in which your featured stories on the afore-mentioned page will also be put on display. I encourage anybody and everybody to join this group, especially if you have had a story featured on the Fiction Illumination blog in the past.

Las Pegasus Tribune homepage found here.
Las Pegasus Tribune: Fiction Illumination index page here.

Don't be shy, step right in here and show people what you've done! Your story is here because I believed in its potential and found it to be criminally underrated. Take heart knowing that someone wants you to do well!


1) I will be adding all stories previously (and in future) featured on the weekly blog. Only featured stories will be added to these folders. Only I may add these stories.
2) If you feel a story deserves more attention, add it to the "Suggested For Feature" folder and I may indeed feature it, if it takes my interest. Generally I only go for stories with a firm grasp on grammar and a fairly underdone/unique concept. Stories added to this folder must have under 50 upvotes (preferably with as minimal downvotes as possible) and be written by an author with less than 50 followers. Submitting your own stories is not permitted, however you may promote your own already-featured or other less/popular works in the forum and comments.
3) All stories that I choose to feature will be added to their respective folders, as well as gain a personal upvote/favourite/author follow from myself.
4) I am not adverse to featuring Mature rated stories, however I will be strict here and say No Clop. Other questionable content (gore/language/drug use/sexual references) may be considered, but only if written well and not just for the sake of it being there.
5) Tell your friends! Tell your followers! Get your stories and others' stories out there! Um, if you want to...
Group is on indefinite hiatus

Disclaimer: Las Pegasus Tribune is in no way, shape, or form, associated with the Las Pegasus Unicon disaster of early 2013.

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YaY! Hope you find this group useful/enjoyable. :twilightsmile:

Um, hi. I joined.

10/10 would mclovin, :heart:

Glad to be here. I also linked the re-feature on my story for ya, included thine name. Enjoy the minor bump i got ya. :raritywink:
Dunno if you've been tuned in to the basics right now, but Obs has challenged us to write about Twilight eating peaches. Naturally, I complied, having just hit submit. I expect it to drop tomorrow.

The Peachment Day is coming..:pinkiecrazy:

May Celestia have mercy on our souls.:ajsleepy:

Oh, Lord! :rainbowlaugh:
Cheers for joining :twilightsmile:

Prepare...For the Peach-pocalypse approaches!

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