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"I left him a word. That word is 'nineteen'. If you say it to him, his mind will be opened. He will tell you what he saw."

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"Listen guy I havent even read the fic yet and Im already dilikeing u (not the comment u ingeneral) and I know u wont care but u dont fucking mock the dead thats just being a complete dick" -- Generic Luna fan #2736
"utter insensitive asshole" -- JustAnotherTimeLord Note that he goes on to suggest killing myself.
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May this scumbag die alone for all the things he’s done

I'm one of the few people he wasn't a complete fuckhead to, which is surprising because I'm fairly certain I've done a few things to piss someone off.

And to think, out of nowhere, the two of us bonded over something we both truly loved: french animes. Not even Robin Williams can compete with that.

1924021 I forgive you, honesty redundancy and all. :heart:

1905944 1923930
I honestly don't know anymore, to be honest.

There is no such thing as an "abuse" of free speech, my friend. SImply the fact that actions have consequences. Chicken here was a dick to too many people while he had the eyes of too many other people upon him, and so he received punishment for being a dick. It's simple, really.

But "abuse" of free speech would imply that Chicken here was doing something that violated some Mystical Law of Eternal Free Speech For Errybody. That is obviously false, and to think otherwise is not only naive, but objectively incorrect. He got banned because the shit he said was offensive, not because he said offensive shit. Big, big difference.

Naturally, this is a moot point because (despite what everyone believes) Fimfiction is a website on the Internet, and therefore answers to nobody when it comes to enforcement of a person's right to say what they please; that's a thing that exists in the United States, sure, but we ain't in Kansas anymore. This is a nominally-beneficial dictatorship (not that there's anything wrong with the concept), and the individual has no right to say anything, for better or for worse.

In short, you're being an ass of the worst kind: one with an inflated sense of self worth. That's more offensive than any dead Robin Williams joke could ever be.

1903529 I saw a lot of rhetoric, but anyone can ramble without reaching a point.

What constitutes an abuse of free speech? Just because you didn't like something that someone said, that's not a transgression. Did his rights end where yours began?

What is all this talk about boys and men? Did anyone in their right mind idolize Chicken? I found him to be entertaining, but largely because he did shit I would never think to do myself.

Ultimately, the argument opinion fight is moot: he's gone, and if there's an alt somewhere, I haven't stumbled across it. Maybe it's a necessary evil, but I didn't think anybody could be a big enough ass to get banned for it.

to be honest, that's the dumbest thing i've said here

you obviously got banned for abusing your rights of freedom of speech, something which I have also suffered from, and now i see the error in which i spoke.

it's not that hard to avoid such an easy obstacle, but the so called "most mature" of us fall for it each and every time.

it's not only saddening, but sickening to see our men act like boys while forcing the boys to be men, when all they've had to look up to were childish goofs who knew nothing of manhood to begin with.

Sorry for this, but I'm just gonna say you deserved it. And the fact it was perma means you messed up BIG TIME or was an alt of someone. I call Chuckward upon ye.

So some people just act like assholes cuz it's fun?


I don't see why not. I do it too sometimes.

Can I be in your Auspicious Accolades please?

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