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I'm not dead. · 2:20pm

At least not that I'm aware of; it wouldn't make much sense given I'm no ghost writer. Not a particularly good one anyways.

So, yes, my pulse is there. Definitely not dead then. At least that's not what's on this toe tag.


Hello, whoevers left standing in this since my untimely de—departure. All is well, life is just going through some changes is all. I do hope everyone is in good health and having a good time of things. This is the first time in 13 weeks and some days according to a friend since I've been here so theres that. Not sure what to say other then I still walk the earth it would seem. I've certainly missed the place but at the same time it all feels so alien to me now.

(And what beautiful eyes they are. rubs sore cheek)

But despite that it seems the new season has started, and it moved predictibly as many kept arguing against. I rather enjoyed twilight's quest to get Glimmer laid... hmm, seems during my abscence I've yet to put the fiction goggles down. Oh well, they were quite the bargain and when you wear something for so long it just becomes a part of you, you know? Hardly ever notice it's there.

(Artist finally made one after almost a year of asking if they would. This made me really happy to see it as part of their collection at last. What a ways we've come.)

Overall it's good to finally have enough energy and peace of mind to login and let you all know who still recognize me that I'd still very much not ecoplasm. Don't worry though.

I've still a Diamond Season 6 episode to watch before I let anything take me. ;3

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Latest Stories

  • E The Best Laid Plans

    Diamond Tiara's father made a promise to get his daughter any one gift she desires for her Birthday. But when eyes are set on something priceless, it seems as if she may not get what she wants. Unless, she accepts an offer she can't refuse.  · Telaros
    2,677 words · 505 views  ·  45  ·  1
  • T From Apples to Riches

    Destiny is a fickle thing. For Diamond's life was one of many pleasures. Over the years many things have changed, but one thing seems to remain constant. Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara, for richer or poorer, some things never change.  · Telaros
    1,361 words · 1,091 views  ·  62  ·  5
  • E DiNyx

    Nyx discovers the truth about Diamond Tiara.  · Telaros
    2,713 words · 1,681 views  ·  54  ·  21
  • T Holiday Edition, Diamond Refinery#3: "Nightmare Night"

    The Diamond Cutters' Contest Series. Collection of stories by Authors who enter to dish out the most fun and interesting interpretation of a given theme they can. Winners are community voted, that means the READERS get to decide who gets top bil  · Telaros
    8,170 words · 697 views  ·  20  ·  3
  • T The Diamond Refinery Contest Theme No.2: Harmony Project "Five Become One"/"Working as One"

    The Diamond Cutters' Special Event Series. Where authors go pen to pen on who can dish out the most fun and interesting interpretation of a given theme/prompt. Where YOU get to help choose the Top Prize Winner for most fun and best themed story!  · Telaros
    22,301 words · 598 views  ·  18  ·  2
  • T The Diamond Refinery: Contest Theme No.1 "Growing Up"

    "The Diamond Refinery" is to challenge story makers to create a foundation around Diamond Tiara and build to her strengths. Contestants will go against each other anonymously and compete for prizes. For questions visit http://derpy.me/Cont  · Telaros
    13,197 words · 865 views  ·  27  ·  1
  • E Po-Neigh-Oh! G4

    Diamond Tiara is introduced to the world of Po-Neigh-Oh! from a most unsuspecting pony. Silver Spoon!  · Telaros
    1,555 words · 695 views  ·  24  ·  2


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Not even the raging tears of ten million could stop us...

"Is spying cutie mark on your chart, too?"

Dashie... Move over. Diamond Tiara just took your Best Faces all in one episode. BOOYAH!

"Always Better Than You" - By Mandopony; fan and apprecianado of Best Filly, Diamond Tiara!

By the Champion of Awesome, MandoPony. Who for whatever reason has set his masterpiece to private on his channel. It's okay, though, I have tons of backups!

The Sight of Diamonds


  • E Sweetie Belle's Short Stories

    A small collection of drabbles, flash fics, and short stories.  · SweetAI Belle
    1,380 words · 58 views  ·  12  ·  1
  • E Your Alicorn Is In Another Castle

    As Twilight's starting to learn, being a Princess comes with certain responsibities. Ceremonies to attend. Functions to host. And of course, being properly kidnapped, on schedule, as contractually obligated -- wait. What?  · Estee
    15,222 words · 2,457 views  ·  399  ·  10
  • T Eljunbyro

    Bellesmith must perform experimental tasks in order to keep herself and her beloved safe.  · Imploding Colon
    223,505 words · 6,863 views  ·  1,082  ·  40
  • T Austraeoh

    Rainbow Dash flies east.  · Imploding Colon
    212,744 words · 28,412 views  ·  2,053  ·  70
  • T April Fourths!

    It's not even a real holiday. Rainbow Dash only wishes a certain somepony knew this.  · shortskirtsandexplosions
    1,969 words · 1,118 views  ·  154  ·  12
  • E Tantabus, Mk. II

    An attempt by Luna to update the Tantabus to spread good dreams has a few unexpected results. Self-aware ones.  · Rambling Writer
    16,112 words · 13,751 views  ·  2,208  ·  30
  • E Crusade at Midnight Castle

    Tirek won, and Equestria lies under his hoof. Luckily, some brave ponies remain that resist him. Unfortunately, they're the Cutie Mark Crusaders.  · Carabas
    24,659 words · 1,702 views  ·  129  ·  4
  • T Yule in a Donut Shop

    Donut Joe keeps his store open on Hearth’s Warming Eve. And why not? He doesn’t have anywhere else to be, and neither do the tired, bitter ponies who find their way inside. But the Eve is young, and strange things lie ahead...  · Rune Soldier Dan
    10,755 words · 3,791 views  ·  443  ·  3
  • T Trixie Lulamoon of the Dreamguard

    In order to properly patrol the Dreamrealms, Princess Luna has once again started up the long-dormant Dreamguard. Trixie Lulamoon, no longer calling herself Great and Powerful, has answered the call.  · Hoopy McGee
    25,616 words · 1,378 views  ·  253  ·  3
  • T Starlight and Trixie Babysit Flurry Heart

    Due to sudden changes in Twilight's schedule, Starlight Glimmer and Trixie end up babysitting Flurry Heart for a day.  · Samey90
    4,898 words · 446 views  ·  41  ·  4
  • E Bat Ponies Aren't Scary

    Mithra loves scary stories, and slumber parties! So a bat pony colt would definitely fit the bill, right? Right! Nope. Not even in the slightest.  · Enigmus
    11,250 words · 703 views  ·  66  ·  3
  • T A Chance Meeting of Two Moons

    Princess Luna has got into an argument with her sister and goes to her private realm to vent. Meanwhile, in another realm, Prince Artemis has got into a similar situation. From what was a simple encounter between the two quickly becomes anything but  · Evilhumour
    53,823 words · 3,968 views  ·  341  ·  23 · gore
  • T Triple X

    Slice-of-life about Sly Clop, who owns a porn shop in Ponyville.  · ElMikkino
    61,045 words · 23,094 views  ·  1,110  ·  48
  • T School Daze

    Can Cheerilee make a group of inner city colts and fillies stand and deliver?  · Paleo Prints
    74,614 words · 27,515 views  ·  879  ·  22
  • E Barnyard Barge-Ins

    A chain of decisions and circumstances combine to create Equestria's first-ever version of Black Friday. And given the ensuing riot, also its last.  · Estee
    11,253 words · 1,549 views  ·  234  ·  4
  • T Diamond Tiara's Shock Announcement

    Diamond Tiara has something to say to her entire family... and they're not going to be too happy about it. Especially a certain female parent of hers...  · deadpansnarker
    2,483 words · 3,131 views  ·  328  ·  20
  • T The Night Princess and the Day Off

    When the good of the realm demands it, even a Princess of Equestria can take a day off. Probably. How hard could it be?  · Crossed Quills
    17,730 words · 478 views  ·  70  ·  0
  • E The Commander's Shilling

    Commander Hurricane sought only the best and hardiest of pegasi for her warflock. She failed. Instead, Private Pansy found her.  · Carabas
    3,525 words · 1,439 views  ·  278  ·  1

Favourite Continuing Stories 1

  • The Diamond Exchange Chaos ensues when Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon receive no punishment after a hurtful prank gets one of their classmates killed. by angelbunny 230,550 words · 1,757 views · 74 likes · 14 dislikes
  • Quizzical Greystone And The Basements Of Doom A famous naturalist takes Cheerilee's class on a field trip into the Everfree Forest. This promises adventure, excitement, and other things Quiz really hates. by JMac 66,557 words · 2,161 views · 186 likes · 5 dislikes
  • Railway Crusaders A ride on the wrong train opens a whole new world for the CMC and two unlikely new friends when they meet a little tank engine and a her colorful coworkers. by Unnamedwriter 43,902 words · 674 views · 32 likes · 1 dislikes
  • Collapse, Collide Diamond Tiara's friendship with Silver Spoon shatters, forcing the rich filly to make amends for her actions and maybe make a few new friends along the way. by Zombificus 119,255 words · 1,097 views · 61 likes · 3 dislikes
  • Silver Marriage Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are a young couple in Ponyville. Their marriage has been happy, but their lives not without challenges, or regrets. by cdcdrr 44,387 words · 650 views · 30 likes · 5 dislikes

Favourite Filly Stories

  • The Diamond Cutter Anthology Everyone has their own views on Diamond Tiara's character, but how do the differences in those views impact how she is written? Perhaps this collection of short stories from various authors can shed some light on the subject. by DiamondPrime 118,386 words · 1,691 views · 89 likes · 6 dislikes
  • How to be a Mother Diamond Tiara adopts Scootaloo. by Mattricole 4,825 words · 6,275 views · 416 likes · 21 dislikes
  • Diamond Tiara Likes Anime DT likes Anime, but can't let anypony know by Yukito 14,873 words · 5,509 views · 510 likes · 8 dislikes
  • A Diamond Comes Between Friendship? Apple Bloom and Scootaloo have both fallen for Diamond Tiara, and are both intent on winning her affections. by Yukito 69,664 words · 3,061 views · 208 likes · 10 dislikes
  • The Silver Spooner Ponyville: a pretty little town in the shadow of Canterlot. But it's in the shadows where evil lurks. Beneath Ponyville's happy little facade lies a hotbed of criminal activity. Luckily for the hapless townsponies, however, Ponyville has a hero. by Bootsy Slickmane 3,669 words · 1,353 views · 78 likes · 3 dislikes

Oldies, but besties.

  • The Ballad of Twilight Sparkle Twilight receives a legal summons involving The Great and Powerful Trixie... What did she do now? by Gravekeeper 61,785 words · 16,352 views · 937 likes · 29 dislikes
  • Progress by Andrew Joshua Talon 58,495 words · 18,269 views · 1,818 likes · 34 dislikes
  • For Want of a Dawn Sometimes, in order to discover one's own self, they must venture into the depths of hell. by Ciroton 225,592 words · 9,150 views · 760 likes · 26 dislikes
  • The Empty Room An ancient enemy; a family secret; a plot to overthrow the Princesses... by Wanderer D 150,929 words · 20,395 views · 1,756 likes · 59 dislikes
  • Half the Day is Night Princess Luna summons the Elements of Harmony to Canterlot: this story was written during the last half of Season 1 by AugieDog 58,020 words · 2,871 views · 292 likes · 6 dislikes

Watching the watchers who watch me watch things.

"Paper Promises" Read by Doctor Wolf, story written by - Fervidor

People Yet To Finish A Story: The MIA of FimFic. AKA "The HEARTBREAKERS"

  • T Astrum Nova

    Twilight Sparkle lived in a perfect Equestria where everypony was cleanly segregated, Unicorns in major cities, Earth ponies in the outskirts and those barbaric pegasi far away from the mainland. So why did she feel that this was all ... wrong?  · Solaris Hemera
    17,887 words · 1,188 views  ·  111  ·  5
  • E Redemption

    At the end of his life, Ryan Williams stumbles across something to live for.  · PourMeADrink
    78,493 words · 17,614 views  ·  966  ·  19
  • T Tarnished Silver and Clouded Diamonds

    Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon are banished to another world entirely, where they will have to use their wits to survive. With no money and no support, what are they to do? At least Pinkie Pie's on the way! Ponyfinder/MLP Crossover  · David Silver
    56,362 words · 508 views  ·  52  ·  9 · gore
  • T Flesh and Blood

    Sweetie Belle and her friends uncover a truth that could spell the end for them all.  · PajamaHam
    26,233 words · 15,708 views  ·  1,257  ·  43 · gore
  • T Zenith

    Once upon a time, Spike went for a walk.  · The Descendant
    119,245 words · 11,489 views  ·  971  ·  23
  • E Discord's Very First Faithful Student

    Discord takes on a student. That student is Diamond Tiara. Equestria is doomed.  · Pokonic
    32,260 words · 2,280 views  ·  147  ·  5
  • T The Last Days of Summer

    It looked like the worst summer ever for Silver Spoon. Things only got worse after a canoeing mishap, and she finds herself drawn to a certain unicorn...  · Twi-Fi
    4,456 words · 541 views  ·  44  ·  2
  • E A Dinky Hearth's Warming Eve (Eve)

    It's the day before Hearth's Warming Eve, and little Dinky has her heart set on a present most precious.  · Autumnschild
    6,355 words · 375 views  ·  28  ·  0
  • E Adagio and Sonata's Little Aria

    After the wonderful experience of being a pony for a day, Sonata Dusk makes a wish for her friend Aria to be one for the whole weekend, much to her friend's expense.  · Rahkshi500
    17,897 words · 2,147 views  ·  76  ·  10
  • E Button Cash

    Button Mash and Diamond Tiara bond over a single cent.  · CouchCrusader
    8,353 words · 1,224 views  ·  57  ·  6
  • T And The Stars Shine Forth

    Before her fall, Luna lived entire lifetimes as a mortal pony. She now wishes to do so again, and elects to spend some time with Twilight Sparkle and her friends. She never expected to fall madly in love.  · archonix
    78,858 words · 4,840 views  ·  478  ·  19
  • T Behind the Crown

    Ever wondered how 'wearing a tiara' could possibly be a special talent?  · Rocketknightgeek
    22,799 words · 2,061 views  ·  116  ·  6
  • T A Scratch On Shining Armor

    Vinyl Scratch, being oh so popular with the Canterlot guards, gets one assigned to her to 'rehabilitate' her. This will be fun.  · BaeroRemedy
    182,520 words · 4,271 views  ·  514  ·  19
  • T Pride and Prejudice and Snails

    A lost bet forces Diamond Tiara to ask Snails to a dance. But when Snails turns to Sweetie Belle for help with impressing his date, she develops feelings for him. And so what was to have been a simple victory for the CMC gets a bit more complicated.  · Mudpony
    64,357 words · 4,430 views  ·  115  ·  4
  • T I Should Have Never Bought That Pony

    Diamond Tiara is quite possibly the worst gift you could give your seven-year-old daughter. Too bad Discord has a "no return" policy.  · Final Draft
    57,809 words · 2,688 views  ·  335  ·  20
  • E Paradise

    Celestia and Luna were born as earth pony foals in a dangerous world. They must rise from nothing to become the princess we know, upsetting chiefs, gods, and the very forces of nature in the balance.  · SlyWit
    134,286 words · 17,678 views  ·  1,406  ·  19
  • T The 100 Lives of Scootaloo

    Scootaloo must escape from her prison that is the same few months before the Grand Galloping Gala.  · The Oriflamme
    3,195 words · 859 views  ·  27  ·  0
  • T Acting Foalish

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon have to stay at Sweet Apple Acres for a week and end up forced to be around Applebloom and the CMC. It's not so much a question of if things will go bad, just WHEN...  · Corey W Williams
    3,761 words · 1,468 views  ·  69  ·  1

(Sad day for pony fans. Hannia San has deactivated their DA account. Wish you the best, Hannia San, stay healthy and be happy! :fluttercry:)

The Filly 5 - Diapplootiespoon Gallery

Journeycurl, stay beautiful.

Art by my favorite person of all time, PKX. I only wish I could hug them. <3

Diabeetus x 5.

Now you know.

By Beavernator. One of the than hand full of people who lovingly supported the event and offered to do far more for a failing event. Thank you.

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Thank you for the follow and fave! :pinkiehappy:

And also, cool user page. Diamond Tiara everywhere... No prizes for guessing who's best filly!

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