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Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon had their whole week planned out. They were out of school for the Summer Sunflower Jamboree. They were going to go shopping, stay up late, talk crap about ponies they didn't like, good wholesome fun.

So how is it that now they end up stuck at Sweet Apple Acres under Applejack's care, forced to be around Applebloom and the rest of the Cutie Mark Crusaders for the whole week?

It's going to be a long week ... for everypony involved ...

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DT and SS are so alpha. :applecry: :unsuresweetie: JK!!!!!! :trollestia: CMC ARE GO!!!!!!!!!! :scootangel:

What's gonna happen during the sleepover I wonder, hm well maybe:

Interesting, good character handling, good set up. Have a like. :pinkiehappy: Let's see if Chapter 2 can score the fave.:duck:


That's a pretty good guess, yeah :)

That was pretty awesome. I really liked the setup. Diamond and Silvy having that closeness to be able to poke fun at each other like that was pretty adorable. Especially with DT being so alert with how her friend reacts to things she says. Reigning in on those feels and trying not to make your friend feel so embarrassed or weird just because they like certain things, it was really nice to finally see a story where these two are shown in a more casual and open light.

It may just be a setup chapter, but I thought you nailed the Apples perfectly. *Looks sternly at Silver Spoon who quickly gives up on whatever it was she was thinking about saying* I had a good laugh at Granny's sense of humor. Nothing like scaring the tar outta someponies you love to brighten the mood. Especially after spying on what was a most adorable patching up of sisterly bondin' an' such.

No spoilers, but I had a few great laughs throughout the chapter. Fantastic :heart:

“And they said a train ride there takes halfa day. PSH! We used ta make that trip in HALF the time runnin’, and that was in the blisterin’ heat too!”


That sketch is hilarious, XD

This looks awesome! Hoping for a continuation soon.

Still much looking forward to your next amazing chapter. Hope all is going well for you!
You certainly seem to be a super busy guy, so just letting ya know you're most awesome, keep up the great work! :heart:

Well this story looks like it's off to a good start, can't wait for the next chapter :pinkiesmile:

I gotta say, the permite is nothing to sneeze at, but given this was somewhat a decent read, I'll give it a shot. Who knows if I'll end up liking it?

Have a like, good sir! :moustache:

This story is 100% Diamond Cutters Approved!
(god how much for new chapters? *throws money at screen*)

Just curious, but is there any news on this story? I do understand that real life comes before anything in the fandom, and I also understand that sometimes for any number of reasons an artist or author can lose interest in their work (writer's block, depression, etc.) and while it saddens me when works that I feel have potential get dropped, I realize that the artist/author has their own reasons and it is not my place to argue. If this is not canceled I would hope that someday you will pick this up and have the inspiration a/o drive to finish it.
Best of luck in your future endeavors.

“Whew! Celestia almighty, it’s hot out here!” Granny Smith snatched Applejack’s hat and fanned herself with it. “Phew!”

The only pony that can do that and get away with it

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