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362902 Well I hope you'll be happy to hear not finishing a story is my biggest pet peeve. Some of my favorite stories suddenly stop with unanswered cliffhangers (see Octavia's Fairy Tale) so I promised my self to never do that, as long as there is one person who wants to keep reading, i'll keep writing. I'd hate for someone to fall in love with my story, just to be disrespected by never being allowed to finish it.

Besides I do not want to grow that reputation as an author.

Well I'm glad that you did, this isn't the first time that a story I've liked has disappeared (one of the last people I asked about it deleted my comment and never answered) so I'm especially glad that you re-uploaded it (I just finished what you have so far, I'm really looking forward to the next chapter) (-^u^-)

361807 I had to re-upload it, which i've never done before. As long as it passes moderation we're all set, but if they strip it down i'll have to contact the admins. No matter what i'll be continuing it, because i am way to damn excited about it, and will definitely be continuing at a pace of a chapter every day or so.

Not sure if you saw them yet, because they were only up for 5 minutes before I pulled the story, but i have chapters 2 and 3 published which, pardon my french, I think are pretty fucking great and am pretty excited to see how people react.

Um...I hope you don't mind me asking, but are you going to continue "Through her lens"? :fluttershysad: I saw that it's disappeared but I really enjoyed reading what you had so far so I hope you do write more

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