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The winter’s wind is blowing hard.
The air is thick and white.
All good foals should hide their heads
Because HE comes tonight.
Hooks and chains and ringing bells
Are among HIS favorite toys.
Screams and cries and filly’s tears
Are things that HE enjoys.
HE comes tonight not to give,
HE comes tonight to take
So you’d better be good, my little one
If only for goodness sake.
Tonight the stars will hide their eyes,
The good shall make no sound.
For tonight is Hearth’s Warming Eve,
And GROGAR is coming to town.


Reviewed by the Seattle's Angels January 16, 2016

Spectacular readings by Sparrow9642 and Scribbler Productions

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Is this like Krampus?

6709188 Strongly influenced by the legendary figure and born from a dream I had after seeing the trailer for the 2015 film.

I'm liking where this is going. Fics that make Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara into unique individuals, rather than joined at the hip are ALWAYS worth my time. Plus, this is set after their reform... So, it's doubly interesting. Have a like, and a fav.

Why doesn't this story have a dark tag?

6709493 Because they're in a lit room...? :raritywink:

6709493 Because the horror tag is more appropriate.

that made up the farm as a hole.


Also, I feel I'm obligated to mention that I always felt Silver was the nice one. She seems to have lathered up with eau-de-bitch for tonight.

Although I do like the tearing down of secrets. Still, doesn't feel like a Spoon move.

...Well, it's a refreshing change of pace to make Silver the bitchy one, but it comes on pretty suddenly considering she was supposedly on civil terms with them, loss of innocence or no, especially with Diamond being halfway repentant.

At least Marblemac are as adorable as ever.:rainbowkiss: Even if I didn't expect it from you....

I have been satisfied with a helping of darkness

6714297 Oh, but there's more to come. Grogar has only just arrived.

I have to see this movie. Great start. Don't keep us hanging too long.

Ooh, backstory!:pinkiehappy:

And then there were seven....

Heavy and unexpected

Keep going

Kind of wanted to see what happened to Bic Mac. Have to admit, I have thought AJ would walk in on he and Marble "getting busy." I think even Grogar would have blushed at that.

Scoots just up and running seems OOC for me. She wouldn't just abandon her friends, let alone the only "safe" place for miles. To leave the house like that would have been certain death.

Granny's story makes me want to learn more about her past. It's given me a few story ideas.

Applejack’s bed, bathed in Sweetie Belle’s magic, rose into the air and swung like a huge, oblong golf club. It struck Grogar full on and knocked the ram right through the wall and into the howling storm.

Sweetie Belle: ...Did I just smash the Krampus.

...Well, at least our little ponies got to talk things out a bit.


I think that's actually what bothered me from the beginning- it wasn't just Silver acting out, it was Ponyville as a whole having to take a level in jerkass to justify this setup. Heck, that's why I had no interest whatsoever in Krampus. But eh, you've gotta follow your muse, and it works for what it is.

Merry Christmas.

Shit. I am loving this story more and more

And that's how Equestria was sa....no, no not saved. Not saved at all. But a good story none the less! Families destroyed, children driven to laughing madness, another villain from an old story proving to be real. With how many "old pony tales" turn out to be real, I wouldn't treat anything as "an old legend". I'd treat it as "Heads up, bad things coming". Keep up the great work!

Poor silver spoon, generally more well liked than diamond tiara, but she may as well have worn a well red shirt to the party.

Also, interesting to see you promoting marblemac instead of fluttermac, Makes me wonder...

"How many Hearth's Warming carols do you know?"
Granny's smile was so warm that Sweetie Belle couldn't help but match it. "A few."

:unsuresweetie: "Granny got run over by a Reindeer!"

Granny frowns

:unsuresweetie: "sorry"

Couldn't help myself:twilightblush:

Also mac gone so unceremoniously. Must be a sort of karmic payback for not conforming to shippers' demands.:yay:

Let's keep this ball rolling.

I think I just wet myself.

Holy shit. Dark but pretty freakin awesome!

Whoa. Didn't expect that.
Not yet at least.

Silvy's character seems off though. Others have already said what I wanted to so I won't add to it.

Interesting story, even if your writing Apple Bloom as one word is already driving me crazy.

Her soft lips found his as she drew closer to his warmth.

Noooo! Don't you know the rules of horror stories? You can't hook up, or you're dead!

"Talk nerdy to me."

Okay, that got me a laugh.

No, not Sweetie! :raritydespair:

“Hey! Goat face!”
Both Grogar and Button Mash looked to the room’s doorway.
Sweetie Belle squared herself and glared, her minute horn lit with the same emerald light that had saved her from impalement.

YAY :yay:

Oh. OH. Uh, well, shit.

Terrifying. Even best pony could not escape. :ajsleepy:

6788120 The Apple Bloom thing is a tradition of mine since in my big Continuity of stories I've just always written it like that.

Well if anything, at least you're consistent.

Very nice~
Always nice to see some holiday cheer being spread by good ol' Grogar

Y-You.. You killed best pone.. HOW DARE YOU


This was terrifying. Horrid. Complete with a creepy ending, and lots of death.


I usually stay away from horror fics, since I basically never get scared by anything, but this is still a damn well written story. That said, it seems weird to me that Grogar hadn't been hunted down centuries ago.

6885937 How do you hunt what hunts you?


Uhh... they know where he lives. (I know you're just trying to be melodramatic here.)

6886729 The frozen city of Tambelon exists far past the frozen north where lay the Crystal Empire in her shining glory. Should any expedition reach the ruin, they would find only crumbling buildings and ancient texts on the walls.

Of course, that expedition would likely never return...

Disliked because the foal characters were weird with their maturity, they switched between acting like six year olds and teenagers, and the adults didn't do a better job at breaking up the conflict.

Oh my god you are the greatest killing off all my least favorite characters in this show...BUT...why scootaloo gotta die?:rainbowhuh:


Quick que the Halloween theme

6788120 It drives me crazy also.



He's like Krampus

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